3 Renovation Scenarios When You Should Hire an Architect

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You’re planning a home renovation but unsure whether you should hire an architect in addition to a contractor. If any of the following situations match your own, then go to Behind The Hedges Home Pros, which is chock full of architects who can help you navigate a home remodel, saving you money and aggravation. 

1. When the DOB requires plans — hire an architect 

Are you making any changes that need the approval of the Department of Buildings? For example, if you plan to add a kitchen or a powder room to the parlor floor, then you will need an architect to file a permit application and submit plans to the DOB.

2. If aesthetics are important to you

Architects are trained in universal design principles to help clients understand the life cycle of the home and how you move through its spaces. With an eye for details akin to that of an interior designer, a good architect can optimize layouts, space, and materials in the most pleasing way.

3. When you need a guide

If you’re new to the world of renovation, an architect can be your guide, checking in every so often at key points during construction to make sure their plans are being executed as specified. They can also act as a sounding board and advocate for the homeowner (if the tile has to be redone, for example).

Looking for other pros, like interior designers or contractors? Check out Behind The Hedges Home Pros. Each listing includes project galleries, bio information, testimonials, and contact information so you can reach out to them directly. 

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