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Some Notable and Pricey ($34 Million!) Properties Click into Contract
April 22, 2019
One of the more noteworthy listings in the past year or so was this one, a pretty house right on Sagg Pond. It was the much-loved family home of groundbreaking dancer Sono Osato, who died last December 26 at the age of 99. Last year, the property, repped by Deborah Srb at Sotheby's, was listed asking $37 million; in March the ask was cut to $34 million. And now, still at that last ask, the property is in contract. Bespoke brought the buyer. The site is possibly the most amazing part of this property, with a long lawn sloping down to the pond and yet close enough for an ocean view. There's almost four acres of land with 300 feet of frontage on Sagg Pond, including a sandy beach, a tennis court and a pool. Sono Osato was the daughter of a Japanese father and an Irish-French Canadian mother. "Sono" means garden. Ms. Osato because the first American dancer in the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, an offshoot of the Ballets Russes that began after the death of Serge Diaghilev. Niko Elmaleh, son of Sono Osato, told the WSJ, "The whole joy of living there is feeling like you're not in 2018. There's a sense of tradition about it." We can see that, from the adorable butler's pantry to the linen storage upstairs. There have been only two owners in the property's history. As for the 1917 house, ther are five full bathrooms and three half-baths, along with 7200 square feet of space. Congrats to the new owners! Next up is a noteworthy new build in Sag Harbor. The project was controversial; in 2016, more than a dozen local residents complained to the Board of Historic Preservation and Architectural Review about the plans for this property. A new home was going to be built for the president of BlackRock, the world's largest investment management firm, Robert Kapito and wife Ellen. Architect Peter Cook told Behind the Hedges, "This and an adjacent property were purchased by them in the hopes of building a home for their family, but they could not build a house large enough to accommodate their expanding family. So rather than combine the properties for one home, they kept them separate and are developing them for resale." The more expensive property, at $12 million, is still available, while 2 Harding Terrace, which was asking $5.25 million is now in contract. Repped by William Wolff, Robin Bender, and Tal Alexander at Elliman, the property boasts a big (5550 square feet) modern house, along with a gunite pool, set on half an acre. And of course, the new owners will be just steps to the beach. Congrats to all! And finally, a very interesting property on Shelter Island has gone into contract asking $6.5 million. Originally listed in November, this property is extremely private because it's basically the last house on Shelter Island's southern tip. The property comprises two plots, a separate, empty 0.37 lot across the road from the main parcel, which has an 150-foot deep water dock with electric and water hookup, and the main bit, which is 2 acres, all trimmed with white sandy beaches. The main plot contains the house, a pool and cabana, and a small barn. The house, which was originally built in 1947 and added on to later, is probably a teardown. We adore the 1947 bits, with their knotty pine paneling, We'll be interested to see what's built on the property, which is repped by Penelope Moore at Saunders. Again, congrats to all.    
Hamptons Open Houses to Check Out This Weekend
April 19, 2019
Open houses are a great way to find your next home, see inside a house that you have always been curious about, or just get design ideas. 5 Right of Way, Noyac Open house: Saturday, April 20, 11:30AM-1PM Ask: $825,000 Beds: 2 Baths: 2 Size: 750 square feet, 0.12 acres Features: Two renovated 1940s cottages, close to the bay beach, one with a fireplace. Newish kitchen, and both cottages come furnished. 808 Mecox Road, Bridgehampton Open house: Sunday, April 21, 12:00PM-2PM Ask: $5.995 million Beds: 4 Baths: 3.5 Size: 4000 square feet, 1.4 acres Features: South of the highway, with water views of Mecox Bay, and access to the bay is across the street. Land with mature specimen trees, lawns, a pergola and mahogany terrace. 121 Toylsome Lane, Southampton Open house: Saturday, April 20, 12:30AM-2:30PM Ask: $6.45 million Beds: 6 Baths: 4.5 Size: 3200 square feet, 0.62 acres Features: 1913 village traditional recently renovated; French doors to porches and patios, finished basement, gunite pool and pool house, all surrounded by privet hedges.
Noms de Dune: Creative Monikers for Your LLC
April 18, 2019
You've found your dream Hamptons home. But you, a person of particular means or certain celebrity or some such status, want to keep your new purchase on the DL, so you elect to buy through a limited liability corporation (LLC). Most people name their LLC after the address of the property, but a few bright sparks elect to go in a more fun or entertaining direction. On the East End, many high-end properties are owned by inside jokers, by animal lovers, by lovers of the written word. Of course, some celebs just stone cold don't care and have their properties registered under their own names: We salute you, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Martha Stewart. We've rounded up some of our favorite LLCs from the Southampton and East Hampton public tax rolls. Some are just pretty, some are pretty funny, some obviously have a story behind them, some are perhaps a little too Pooh-based, and others are just plain inscrutable. All, however, have earned a Behind the Hedges shout-out for creativity, inspiration and entertainment value.   Posh & Pretty Beautiful Joy LLC Meadowcore LLC Seawater LLC This Little Farm LLC   Inside Jokes & Personal Passions Settlement Court LLC Big Woot LLC Twice the Price LLC Butler's Residence LLC We'll Miss Dougie LLC Casa Escondida LLC Carpe North LLC Carpe South LLC Yabba Dabba LLC The Rock Near the Bridge LLC Tres Hermanos LLC Vandelay Import Export LLC   Not-So-Inside Jokes Cottage on Cottage LLC (On Cottage Avenue, East Hampton) Roganator LLC (Somebody named Rogan, perhaps?) Never Squabble LLC (Three points for guessing the street...)   A.A. Milne Superfans? Southampton Pooh LLC Newtown Pooh LLC Sag Harbor Pooh LLC Park Place Pooh LLC Eleven Pooh LLC Wainscott Pooh LLC Montauk Pooh LLC 40 Pooh LLC   Literary & Lyrical John Donne LLC Middle Earth Partners LLC Harkennon LLC (This and the next are literally Noms de Dune) Atreides LLC Xanadu LLC Mikado LLC Fifty Shades of Construction LLC   Animal Magic Beautiful Horse LLC Moo Moo LLC Woof Woof Ventures LLC Puppy Mongo, LLC Clam Hole LLC James Moo Cow, LLC Galloping Cow, LLC   Patriotic Redhampton LLC Whitehampton LLC Bluehampton LLC (all owned by the same entity)   Your Guess Is as Good as Ours Internal Spline LLC Cinnamon LLC Prop. One LLC Sherlocks Manor House LLC
Spotlight On: Montauk
April 17, 2019
Welcome to our new series where we take a look at one of the East End's neighborhoods. We'll discover what makes it so special to live in and what the housing stock is like. This week we're exploring Montauk. Montauk has perhaps changed more than any other East End town in the past 20 or so years, yet in many ways looks the same as it always has. It's unique in the Hamptons in that the ocean can be seen from most places in town, and if you can't see the ocean, you're looking at the bay, the lake, or the pond. In the family of this writer, Montauk is known universally as the best place on earth. Timothy Kelly of Douglas Elliman's Montauk office agrees. "It's the most casual hamlet in all the Hamptons, and the place we all want to go to. It a bit farther but that is what is makes it special," he says. "People love the sense of community and the feeling of getting away from it all at the end of Long Island. And more and more people are discovering the great food and bars here." As for the real estate, Kelly says that the market is now stable, with steady demand. "You can find ultra private oceanfront to family friendly cottage communities just blocks from the bay and beaches." One family-friendly property repped by Elliman's Susan Ceslow is a condo at 100 Deforest Road, also known as the Montauk Shore community. We've often been told how friendly the place is, with close neighbors hanging out as a group by the pool or beach. Near the Ditch Plains "dirt lot," the hot surfing area, the unit could stand some updating, but on the other hand, is a wallet-friendly $735,000, with $150 a month maintenance. Joan Hegner at Corcoran agrees with Kelly that Montauk offers something for everyone. She says, "Our beautiful hamlet of Montauk virtually has something for everyone. From the most elaborate oceanfront estate, to a simple condo or co-op and everything in between, we are able to present to any buyer what fits their own personal tastes and needs." Did someone say "oceanfront estate"? 216 Old Montauk Highway, which is asking $21 million, is repped by Gary DePersia and Hegner at Corcoran. "This is an iconic oceanfront home, never to be duplicated, which is owned by New York real estate titan Steven Roth and his wife, Broadway producer Daryl Roth. They've created a truly magnificent one of a kind along Montauk's celebrated Gold Coast." The updated house sits closer to the ocean than would otherwise be allowed. Hegner is also repping an upscale property in Ditch Plains along with Raymond Hegner. 53 Ditch Plains Road, she says, "offers a hilltop acre, pool, 180-degree views, and right across from hottest beach in Montauk." Asking price is $5.399 million. [caption id="attachment_71552" align="alignnone" width="750"] DCIM100MEDIADJI_0066.JPG[/caption] On the lower end, Hegner says that the Montauk market has seen a huge surge in sales at the $1.5 million and under price point, as many former renters are now making their move to homeownership. Not surprising, as Montauk exerts a magic everyone wants a part of. Hegner sums it all up: "Having come to Montauk in 1976 for the 'summer' and now it's 43 years later... this incredibly beautiful piece of paradise just grabs you into a lifestyle unlike any other. It's small enough that you know just about every year-round resident, and yet, come summer, we enjoy the swell of summer visitors and the magnificent beaches, boating, and dining. I feel untold privilege and joy from garnering so many business and personal relationships with many of the most interesting people in the world."    
Hamptons Confidential: Noel Love
April 16, 2019
Welcome to our new feature in which we interview local personalities: agents, architects, interior designers, builders, anyone who plays a part in the world of Hamptons real estate. Want to get in on the fun? Drop us a line! Few Hamptons agents have such an interesting previous career as Noel Love's. The Saunders agent began his career in 1965, working in the music industry for Motown Records as their New York promotion director. Noel would make sure DJs gave maximum airplay to all of the Motown artists, including the Supremes, Four Tops, Temptations, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and The Miracles, Stevie Wonder, and more. The story continues from there... Tell us a great story about your time in the music industry. I'll take you back to the year 1968. I was 22 years old--over half a century ago now. I was working as national promotion director for Bell Records. Which was owned by a gentleman named Larry Uttal who was a legend in the record industry. Larry signed a label from London, England, called DJM Records. And he put me in charge of the national print promotions in the United States. But I had to fly to London to meet the owner of the company, Dick James. But James also owned the Northern Songs publisher, which was the Beatles' publishing company. So I flew over and he takes me to lunch. It was a private club that he belonged to. And after lunch we get in his car and we're driving through the streets of London. We finally pull up to these gates with some kids milling around, and we go into the building, and we're going down hallway after hallway and then the door was opened. And I'm face to face with the Beatles. They were in the process of making the White Album. I got to spend a couple days in the studio with the Beatles, while they recorded the White Album. Wow! It gets better. I met a young kid in the studio who I became friends with, and he gave me a tape to bring back to America to try and sell for him to a record company. It was a song called "Regimental Sergeant Zippo." I brought it back to America and I played it for record company vice presidents and presidents. I sent it out and nobody wanted to buy it. The kid's name was Reginald Dwight. Elton John! And that's my story. I became good friends with Elton. I was in the studio with the Beatles when they made the White Album. I'm a collector, so I'm wondering: do you have any artifacts, like any signed records from those days, or anything like that? I've got a lot of gold and platinum albums. After that I wound up being general manager of a company called Leber-Krebs Management. We managed Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, AC/DC, Def Leppard, the Scorpions. We would be accepted as producers of Beatlemania and Jesus Christ Superstar. I had my own company called Rose Promotions and I met David Krebs, and I would give him free promotion and he would give me free rent in his offices. So we kind of bartered with each other. And it's funny but to this day I'm still good friends with David and Aerosmith. You know, Aerosmith put "Dream On" as a single twice on Columbia Records and never made it. So I talked them into putting it out a third time and I said my partner and I'll work it by ourselves if we get it started. You guys can jump in and finish it up, and sure enough the third time out it became a hit. And it launched Aerosmith's career. So how did you ever wind up in the Hamptons? I was in California and I decided I wanted out of the music business. And I decided I was going to fly back to New York and move back to New York because I missed my children, my two sons. So I moved back to New York and I thought, before I go back to the city and go back into the music business, I wanted to go somewhere where I haven't been. I knew someone in the Hamptons, so I thought I'd try the Hamptons for six months. Well here I am, 25 years later, and I'm still in the Hamptons. And this is it. This is it. I started with Saunders seven years ago and Andrew and I sat down to discuss things. I didn't want to go out. I worked for Dunemere which was bought by Brown Harris Stevens for 14 years, and I didn't want to go out and interview with anyone in public because everyone gossips. So I went to Andrew's house and said "OK, I think I'm ready to make the move. This is going to be the last time I ever take. This is the last job I would do for the rest of my life." And it seems like yesterday. It's nice to be part of that success, and it's what kept me from going back into the music business. I had this little house on the beach till Sandy washed it away, and my grandkids grew up on my beach learning how to kayak, flying kites, learning how to dig the clams on the sand. I am not in that house any more but still in Pine Neck. I've had two incredible careers, one in music and one now in real estate. I've been blessed.
Property of the Week: Glovers Lane, Westhampton Beach
April 15, 2019
Glovers Lane is tucked right off Main Street in Westhampton Beach, close to restaurants, WHBPAC, the farmer's market, and so much more. Number 18 is a cute yellow ranch surrounded by hedges, with a charming archway for an entrance. "You would never know a property like this exists right in the village," says listing agent Antonio Bottero at Compass. Asking $820,000, the property is an updated ranch with three bedrooms and two baths. It boasts a quarter acre of land with a pool. Bottero adds, "There is nothing else available in Westhampton Beach village south of the highway with a pool anywhere near this price. The closest to 18 Glover Lane is 38 Liberty Street, which is now in contract with a last asking price $844,000. So we feel we are priced perfectly." The open, light, bright great room features a beamed ceiling and fireplace. One bedroom is currently being used as TV room/den, perfect for a small family. And if you're a city dweller looking for a weekend place requiring not too much upkeep or travel time, you're in luck. "It's perfect for someone who doesn't drive or have a car," Bottero says. "They can jump on the train or the jitney, then Uber or cab to the house. From there you can walk to all the shops and restaurants Westhampton Beach has to offer. Rogers Beach is only 1.4 miles away and can be biked to in several minutes." [caption id="attachment_71515" align="alignnone" width="730"] default[/caption] For more, click here. 18 Glover Street, Westhampton Beach
Cutchogue's Bedell Cellars Is Yours for $17.9 Million
April 12, 2019
Always wanted to own your own winery? Bedell Cellars, which has just been listed by Gary DePersia at Corcoran, offers a perfect turnkey opportunity. The winery boasts 75 acres of planted vines offering 10 different varieties of grapes. In all, there's 95 acres of land in 3 separate locations, which include 5 different parcels of land. And yes, the sale includes ownership of the Bedell and Corey Creek brands and operations. (As a matter of fact, Bedell Merlot was the first LI wine served at the White House for President Obama's inauguration lunch in 2013!) Interior and exterio photos by Chris Foster The property is being sold by the family of Michael Lynne, who passed away March 24. Mr. Lynne was a film executive (Lord of the Rings trilogy), but also a wine connoisseur who first bought into the North Fork business in 1999. Bedell has hand-crafted wines in small batches for 35 years, and every bottle is produced from grapes grown on one of the Bedell properties in the area's unique maritime terroir. Its wines have achieved critical acclaim and awards; there's a 2,000 member wine club and distribution to more than 12 states and over 250 restaurants in Manhattan, Long Island and the Hamptons. To start off, there's a charming 1800 square foot cottage (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) on 2.6 acres. It's for sale fully furnished with interiors by Vicente Wolf. Landscaping by Ed Hollander includes a 150-year-old maple tree and an apple orchard. Numerous other buildings dot the property. The main 10,000 square foot winery building houses the tasting room, wine lab, barrel room, fermentation cellar, bottling line, and office. An agricultural barn houses machines and cases of wine.  There is also a 4000 square foot annex known as the Events Pavilion. Bedell receives over 100,000 visitors each year for wine tastings and events, including 25 weddings each summer with up to 200 people. There's also another tasting room and events building on the Corey Creek location. For more, click here36225 Route 25, Cutchogue        
Sit on Your Own Dock on the Bay in Bridgehampton
April 11, 2019
This house was built in 1992 but has a very timeless feel, just like an old Shingle Style residence. It's very well located on Rose Way in Bridgehampton, which means the new owner gets a private dock on Sam's Creek, where they can launch their kayak, paddleboard or small boat right down to Mecox Bay. Asking price for the property, repped by Nancy Mizrahi at Saunders, is $12.5 million, which was recently cut $1 million. The 4000 square foot house sports 6 bedrooms and 5.5 baths. It's set on 1.69 acres on a flag lot, hedged for privacy and quiet. Of course there's a pool with cabana with a full bath, and if the kids get rowdy, there's a rec room above the detached garage. Four of five of the upstairs bedrooms boast water views, and two of them share a waterview porch. For more, click here. 87 Rose Way, Bridgehampton
Spotlight On: Sag Harbor
April 10, 2019
Welcome to our new series where we take a look at one of the East End's neighborhoods. We'll discover what makes it so special to live in and what the housing stock is like. This week we're exploring Sag Harbor Village, which has been the hot area of the Hamptons for a few years now. And why not? It's absolutely charming, with quaint streets, interesting shops, and the only deepwater port in the area. "Sag Harbor homes have so much soul, such old world charm, character and authenticity that you immediately feel grounded and at home," exclaims Sotheby's agent Christina Galesi, who lives and raised her children in Sag Harbor. "It's like we're lucky enough to inherit what the whaling era residents paved for us. The close proximity to your neighbors, to town, to the harbor, to the coffee shops, the 5 & 10, the hardware shop makes you feel your friendly community right beside you at all times. I just don't feel that way in a soulless spec house in the woods." Galesi's buyers appreciate the town as much as she does: her listing pictured here, 5 Green Street, had competitive bids within the first few days, which went over the ask of $3.8 million, a deal was done by day 7 and was in contract by day 14!  The designer-renovated house is light and airy, with plenty of period touches retained, and sports a pretty garden with pool. She adds, "I can really speak from the heart about how much I love this village. It's so rooted in history, so low key, so real and humble yet so vibrant and fun. And because it's a small town I get to know everyone, which allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of knowing what is going to sell before it even goes on the market, which helps the sellers and the buyers alike." Patrick Mclaughlin of Douglas Elliman's Sag Harbor office lives in East Hampton but says he really appreciates how Sag Harbor is buzzing year round--no Tumbleweed Tuesday here. He adds, "You can walk to everything--you really don't need a car in Sag Harbor." Corcoran agent Gary DePersia says he couldn't imagine living anywhere else. "The fact that there are 14 restaurants and about six or seven coffee-dessert shops in a block and a half radius is significant in itself. It's the only town where people actually walk around at night before and after dinner. And it's the only village where Main Street meets the marinas. The harbor and soon our new theater are terrific draws for this great village." "What's special about Sag Harbor Village is the cultural diversity and the layers of architectural history," says Elliman agent Gioia diPaolo. "It's truly a year-round waterfront village, where you can walk to the beach. The schools are good and 27 doesn't run through it! Artists and writers have always been a presence in Sag Harbor; to this day art and literature continue to enrich and define the community." She adds, "What I enjoy most about being a real estate agent in Sag Harbor is that it has retained the small town feel, while at the same time offering the trappings of a more sophisticated lifestyle in its restaurants and shops. There's a lot of inventory prime for renovation in the village and surrounding waterfront communities. The Sag Harbor market remains strong." A new listing of hers is in the below photos. 6 Ridge Drive, she says, offers a lot of luxury amenities not usually found in the $2.5 million range. A 3100 square foot new build (not quite finished yet), the property is set on 0.35 of an acre and is very close to the beach and to water access for kayaking and paddleboarding.  
Hamptons Confidential: Camilla Lundengard
April 09, 2019
Welcome to our new feature in which we interview local personalities: agents, architects, interior designers, builders, anyone who plays a part in the world of Hamptons real estate. Want to get in on the fun? Drop us a line! There can't be that many Hamptons real estate agents who once starred in a Survivor-type reality TV show! But Douglas Elliman's Camilla Lundengard did, back in 1997. The show was called Expedition Robinson, and Lundengard starred in the very first season. 16 castaways spent 47 days on Tengah Island off the coast of Malaysia. The series was a sensation--Lundengard was featured on the covers of many Swedish magazines. Where did you grow up? In a small town called Borlänge in Sweden. It's two hours by car north of Stockholm. What made you decide to be on a reality TV program? It was very intriguing to me to think about living on an island outside Malaysia with no access to any kind of normalcy. It almost felt like going back in time--to fish when you need to eat, to sleep under the sky, to walk around the palm trees to be private. Seemed magical. What did you do before you were an agent? Before Expedition Robinson, I had held just about every job possible in Sweden. A few years after the program aired in 1997, I decided to move to the States from Sweden to become an actor. I quickly realized that you have to give up everything, and then some, so I decided to change gears. How did you wind up in the Hamptons? I was working at Vanity Fair magazine and became pregnant. I wanted to make the right decision for my newborn, so to be part of nature, ocean and fresh air was the right move to make. [caption id="attachment_71465" align="alignnone" width="721"] The cast of Expedition Robinson: 1997[/caption] What do you like to do in your spare time? The most important thing in my life is my daughter, so I spend time with her as much as possible. But I also really enjoy yoga and other sports. Last but not least, I like to make time to laugh with my friends. If you weren't an agent, what would be your dream job? Oh dear God, love this question! My dream job would be to be a motivational speaker. Without a doubt! I absolutely love to help and motivate kids and adults. To give is an amazing feeling and I would love to do that for the rest of my life. What are some of the best things about being an agent in the Hamptons? You meet extraordinary people. To help them find a house and make them happy is a great feeling. As I mentioned before, I love being able to help people. And to do that during one of their biggest decisions in life can be so powerful and oh so gratifying. How is living in Sweden different from the Hamptons? Some of it is good, some of it is bad. To be sick in Sweden is heaven, because the healthcare is extraordinary. To be sick in the USA is big trouble if you don't have insurance and that bothers me a lot. What do you think of the Hamptons real estate market right now? So far this year, the market has done a 360-degree turn for the better. That's always good news.
Property of the Week: Old West Lake Drive, Montauk
April 08, 2019
Old West Lake Drive is a short street on the southern part of Lake Montauk, connecting Montauk Highway and West Lake Drive. It's fairly peaceful and quiet, a perfect setting for this property. "If it's not my favorite house in Montauk, it's definitely one of them," says Rylan Jacka of Sotheby's, who's listed the property along with Jenny Landy, also at Sotheby's. "It's a bike ride away from Ditch and the busy-ness of the ocean side but it's quiet. Your spirit is at peace as you stare out at the calm Lake Montauk, with all the boats mooring in that postcard perfect New Englandy view. You can moor your own boat right out front, stand up paddleboard, wake surf, and the list goes on." The house was designed in 2005 by architect Robert Young in a modern-style barn format. Serene open spaces are combined with the vernacular shingled style to create stylish yet uncluttered spaces. The 4500 square foot main house is designed to take in the views. Jacka says, "It's wonderfully modern and elegant, yet simple in design. It has everthing you want with open living spaces, spaces that maximize the panoramic water views, luxurious master, finished basement." Need more? There's also an 1800-square-feet, three-bedroom guest cottage, a barn, and a 50' lap pool. Together, there are 7 bedrooms, 7 baths, and about 6500 square feet of living space. As for land, there are 1.3 acres, which is actually in two parcels. Asking price for all this is $7.95 million. "This property is perfect for the active family who loves Montauk for its watersports, fishing and great food," comments Jacka, "especially if they frequently have extended family or friends to stay, who can relax in probably the best guest house on the East End." For more, click here22 Old West Lake Drive, Montauk
Hamptons Open Houses to Check Out This Weekend
April 05, 2019
Open houses are a great way to find your next home, see inside a house that you have always been curious about, or just get design ideas. 11 Oakland Avenue, Sag Harbor Open house:  Saturday, April 6, 12PM-2PM; Sunday, April 7, 10AM-12:30PM Ask: $2.995 million Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Size: 2000 square feet, 0.18 acres Features: Open floor plan, recently renovated, at-in kitchen, garden-suite master with fireplace, pool, pool house with bath, pretty gardens. 732 Hill Street, Southampton Open house:  Saturday, April 6, 12PM-2PM Ask: $4.495 million Beds: 6 Baths: 5 Size: 6500 square feet, 0.5 acre Features: Gated entry, three levels of space, open floor plan, high ceilings, kitchen with Waterworks tiles and Perrin & Row fixtures, expansive master wing includes bath with heated floors, steam shower and tub, gym, wine cellar, gunite pool, pool house, outdoor kitchen and fireplace. 18 Halsey Street, Bridgehampton Open house:  Saturday, April 6, 10:30AM-12PM Ask: $3.15 million Beds: 3 Baths: 4 Size: 2500 square feet, 0.54 acre Features: Kitchen with walk in pantry, media area, mudroom, full basement, gunite pool, renovated pool house with full bath, detached garage. 2 Rawson Road, Sag Harbor Open house:  Saturday, April 6, 10:30AM-12PM; Sunday, April 7, 11:30AM-1:30PM Ask: $2.595 million Beds: 5 Baths: 5.5 Size: 4000 square feet, 1 acre Features: New build modern farmhouse, open floor plan, Ciuffo Cabinetry in kitchen, butler's pantry, junior master on ground floor, mudroom, pool bath, gunite pool, basement ready to finish.