Behind The Hedges Another of Montauk’s Seven Sisters is for Sale, Asking $16.25 Million

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seven sisters
Another of Montauk’s Seven Sisters is for Sale, Asking $16.25 Million
September 08, 2017
If you're dying for a piece of classic Montauk Seven Sisters architecture and can't swing the $62 million Dick Cavett is asking for neighboring Tick Hall, the Andrews House might suit you. It's been listed by Rylan Jacka and Mark Webb with Sotheby’s for $16.25 million. It had been listed for sale a couple years ago asking $2.25 million more. [caption id="attachment_63730" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Sotheby's[/caption] What are the Seven Sisters? In 1879, a real estate developer called Arthur Benson bought virtually all of Montauk. He decided to turn the best area of it into a private hunting and fishing enclave for his friends. Benson hired Frederick Law Olmsted to design the landscaping and a young architectural firm, McKim, Mead & White, whose most famous member today is of course Stanford White, to design the houses. Seven houses (including this one and Tick Hall) were built for Benson and six friends, along with a central clubhouse, where food was prepared and laundry done. The area is now a historic district. Today, the Montauk Association houses are considered important examples of the Shingle Style, a distinctive American architecture. This house was originally owned by William L. Andrews, founder of the Grolier Club in Manhattan. It was virtually rebuilt by Francis Fleetwood in 1992, with a kitchen wing added (original kitchens were tiny because the owners generally ate at the clubhouse). Back then, Roberta Gosman Donovan owned the house; she sold it in December 2012 for $7 million. That's one reason we're skeptical about the asking price: the house, while impressive at 3800 square feet, contains only four bedrooms and 2.5 baths. There's no pool, but it's probably OK to add one on the 2.3 acres of oceanview but not oceanfront land. For more, click here. 153 Deforest Road, Montauk
Carl Quintanilla
CNBC Anchor Carl Quintanilla Buys in Bridgehampton
September 07, 2017
Emmy-winning CNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla and his wife Judy Chung, a product manager at Ralph Lauren, have just purchased a Barn & Vine home for $3.325 million. The home was listed with agents Aaron Curti, Raphael Avigdor, and James Peyton of Douglas Elliman. The new construction (which sadly means we looky loos can't get a glimpse inside; just an exterior rendering is available) offers 4200 square feet of living space, with seven bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms on just under one acre of land. The Manor, one of Barn & Vine's newer models, includes a finished lower level. Outside, there’s a bluestone patio and heated gunite pool. One great part of Barn & Vine, of course, is the concierge services available, from airport pickups to restaurant reservations. Perfect for high-flying city couples like Quintanilla and Chung. Welcome to the Hamptons, guys! For more, click here.
Morpurgo House
Sag Harbor’s Morpurgo House Finally Has a Bright Future
September 06, 2017
The village of Sag Harbor is filled with interesting houses in a variety of architectural styles dating back several hundred years: from simple colonials to Greek Revivals to Italianate flourishes. Well-loved, almost all are spruce and in good shape. Except for one, an old house on Union Street with possibly the most extraordinary history of all. For years the house stood empty, crumbling and abandoned, with caved in ceilings, missing doors, and holes in the floor; a sign stating the house was unfit for human occupation was posted to the front. As recently as 2016, the house seemed destined only for the wrecking ball. But now Morpurgo House is being renovated and made fit for a new century, and in doing so is giving up many of its secrets. Long thought to be built between 1850 and 1860, when the Italianate style of the house’s exterior was popular, the house’s origins have recently been pushed back a hundred years. Pre-Revolutionary details in the basement, such as massive foundation stones, 18th century nails, and distinctive beams point to a date around 1750. The house was then renovated in the 1840s, 1870s, and the 20th century as the needs of its inhabitants changed. Rob Walford of Breskin Development, who currently own the house and are renovating it, says “Our biggest surprise was the condition of the oldest part of the house. It is in excellent condition and very sound. The post and beam frame of the house will last for another 250 years now that the house is being maintained. There are homes in England framed similarly that are 700 years old.” They knew how to build in the old days. It may have been built originally for Captain John Hulbert, a Revolutionary War hero who designed one of the first American flags with stars and bars. Captain Hulbert was guarding sheep in Montauk in August 1775 when the British came down from Boston to get supplies. Captain Hulbert and his men fooled the enemy (located in Fort Pond Bay) into thinking there were many more soldiers than there actually were by marching and turning their coats around. The British left, deciding the sheep weren’t worth the fight. During the 1870s into the 20th century, the house was a summer hotel operated by the Lobstein family. In 1965 the house, then divided into eight apartments, was purchased by the Morpurgo family. Two sisters, Annselm and Helga Morpurgo, inherited from their parents in 1975. Annselm owned two-thirds of the house and Helga the other third. But the sisters did not have the money to keep up the 3900 square foot house and its condition began to suffer. They leased seven of the apartments and Annselm lived in the eighth. In the late 1990s, the John Jermain Memorial Library, which is next door, was interested in buying the property to expand the library. But the sisters and the library could not agree on a price. In 2003, the Morpurgos decided to auction the house with a minimum bid of $1.5 million. No bids were tendered. Then the sisters fell out. Helga wanted to sell the house: taxes were not being paid and the condition of the place grew worse and worse. Annselm wanted a certain amount of money, however, which no one was willing to pay. The sisters then sued one another. The house was put up for auction twice more, in 2005 and 2006, with no bids. Finally, in 2007, the house was sold to an LLC for $1.46 million. Annselm filed an injunction against the sale, but the judge tossed it. Eventually she and Helga each received 37 percent of the sales proceeds, with the rest going to satisfy back taxes. Annselm kept living in the house until she was evicted in 2008. The house continued to deteriorate. The new owners did nothing to improve it; they were soon being foreclosed upon. The house changed hands again, and then again, with investors planning to restore the home. Finally, desperate, the village considered demolishing the house. Now, though, the house finally has a future. It’s owned by Breskin Development, and work has begun to restore it. Rob Walford says, “The Morpurgo house had been seriously neglected for decades. The rear section of the house was collapsing onto itself and left as is would ultimately undermine the integrity of the entire structure. Fortunately, the previous owners had spent the last two years having some amazing architectural plans approved. These plans will enable us to restore and save what we can but also allow us to add certain modern amenities not often found on a 250-year-old home, such as a 10 foot basement, 10 foot ceilings on the first floor, a large yoga deck with outdoor masonry fireplace off the third floor and an elevator that will service the entire house. “The rebuilt house will have a top of the line Ciuffo kitchen, and there will be custom made cabinetry throughout the house. In the backyard will feature a pool with spa. “Our goal is to meld the beautiful bones of the original house with the modern amenities new homes can offer."
glamorous wainscott contemporary
Glamorous Wainscott Contemporary Makes the 70s Seem Alluring
September 05, 2017
Toss on your bell-bottoms and throw your next key party at this glamorous Wainscott contemporary. We must be getting soft in our old age because we quite like this house, even its track lighting and hilarious sunroom with Jacuzzi. (Dibs on that room during the key party!) Though the vertical blinds must go immediately. [caption id="attachment_63701" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Douglas Elliman[/caption] No one can complain about the wall of glass in the living room opening to the pool. The living room is huge, 70 feet long. In all, there are four bedrooms and 3.5 baths in 3200 square feet. There's almost an acre of land, too. Asking price for the property, represented by Steven Gaines and Bonny Aarons at Douglas Elliman, is $3 million. That's probably about right--more updated houses are available at that price nearby, but they don't offer as much land. For more, click here. 11 Westwood Road, Wainscott
The Top 10 Hamptons Real Estate Stories of Summer 2017
September 04, 2017

Happy Labor Day! Here's a look back over the top 10 Hamptons real estate stories of summer 2017.

10 Lady Gaga Looks

In late June, Lady Gaga toured a Gurney's Residences unit. Sea Salt #4 is a three bedroom, 3.5 bath co-op with the heartstopping views you'd expect asking $5.9 million. In fact, Gaga was so impressed, she toured it twice.

9 Katie Lee Lists

Food Network star Katie Lee, who wants to move to Sag Harbor, put her stunning Water Mill property on the market in July. The asking price is $5.5 million, which includes 1.84 acres of land and the 6325 square foot, seven bedroom house.

8 Ammon House Marketed

In June, the notorious Middle Lane, East Hampton, property where Ted Ammon was found murdered was listed for sale. The lovely home with 2.2 acres of land was asking $12.7 million. Since then, $1 million has been knocked off the ask.

7 Weinstein Cuts Price

Movie producer Harvey Weinstein and designer wife Georgina Chapman purchased their Amagansett property for $11.65 million in 2014; then they listed it two years later for $13.5 million, further reducing it to $12.8 million. Now the almost two-acre bayfront property is asking $12.4 million.

6 Hercules House for Sale

The notorious Bridgehampton party house belonging to "Hercules" actor Kevin Sorbo went on the market in July. It's a massive 12,500 square feet, with eight bedrooms and 12.5 baths set on 5.27 acres in Bridgehampton north, asking $6.5 million.

5 Stella McCartney Rents

In July, it emerged that Stella McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul, made her new bayfront property in Napeague available for a July rental for $30,000. We did have doubts about whether anyone would bite, given the dated interiors.

4 Cavett Lists Tick Hall

The legendary Tick Hall in Montauk, owned by equally legendary Dick Cavett, came onto the market just after Memorial Day, asking a legendary $62 million. The stunning property includes 19 acres of oceanfront land.

3 Meadow Lane for $150 Million

In mid-July, 14 acres of Meadow Lane oceanfront which had belonged to EDM king Robert X. Sillerman hit the market. $150 million is being asked for the properties, which include a number of buildings. The main house is a teardown.

2 Iconic Kilkare on the Market

One of the most iconic houses in the Hamptons, beautiful Kilkare in the Georgica Association, was listed in August for $55 million. The 5000 square foot house, featured in numerous movies, is set on 2.81 acres of oceanfront.

1 Fordune is Asking $175 Million

In mid-August, yet another Hamptons asking price, $175 million, made headlines around the world. Yet we believe that the property, the old Ford estate in Water Mill, is actually worth it, with its enormous house, 42 acres of land and quarter mile of oceanfront.
Original Southampton Summer
An Original Southampton Summer Cottage is Yours for $29.5 Million
September 01, 2017
This original Southampton summer colony house was built in 1899 for Alonzo Castle Monson (1822-1902) and named “Mon Repos,” “my place of rest” in French. After his death (he had no children), it was purchased by Virginia Beggs Carnegie (1878-1952), who was married to Andrew Carnegie’s nephew. She and her husband re-named the house “Clyden,” after the Clyde river in Scotland near the Carnegies' birthplace. [caption id="attachment_62235" align="alignnone" width="660"] All photos via Sotheby's[/caption] In 1922, the house was burglarized. The New York Times reported, "Mr. and Mrs. T. Morrison Carnegie were the victims of the second robbery. It is believed that a thief entered the house through a window on Monday night while the family were at dinner. Mrs. C. C. Beggs, mother of Mrs. Carnegie, discovered the robbery. She went to her room and found a handkerchief on the floor that had been in a drawer. It was then found that jewelry estimated at about $4,000 was missing. Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie lost, among other articles, a diamond wrist watch, a gold ring set with a large diamond, a gold bar pin, a gold mesh bag and a number of smaller pins. Mrs. Beggs’s loss included a gold watch, set with diamonds, valued at $1,000; two rings set with diamonds and rubles and a gold mesh bag." (A watch worth $1000 in 1922 would be worth about $15,000 today.) Anyway, the house is still a lovely Shingle Style mansion with a gambrel roof. We love the way the old Shingle Style houses had grand, elegant entrances that still seemed cozy and intimate. We wish today's architects would replicate these designs. There are 11 bedrooms and 14.5 bathrooms in 12,000 square feet. Particularly nice is the porch with a fireplace, and what looks like a huge open space for parties (presumably the converted stables). Outside, there's a generous 4.6 acres of land including a lovely pool and a tennis court. The interiors seem a bit tired and Mario Buatta-ish to us, which might be holding the property, repped by Tim Davis at Corcoran, back a bit. The asking price two years ago was $37.5 million; now the ask is a much more reasonable $29.5 million. What do you think will be the sweet spot? For more, click here. 92 Coopers Neck Lane, Southampton
Rustic 1930s Amagansett
Rustic 1930s Amagansett House and Cottage with Five Acres
August 29, 2017
Here's a charming, rustic 1930s Amagansett house with a separate guest cottage. According to the listing, "The cornerstone of the living room is a massive stone fireplace in a descending waterfall pattern hand hewn from rock formations transported one by one from Ditch Plains in the family's beloved 1936 Chrysler Airflow." Cool! Also notable is the screened porch with vintage dyed slate, something you can't get any more. The pine paneling and beamed ceilings add to the rustic feel; the kitchen looks to be 1950s-60s to us and could be updated fairly simply. The property is represented by Rylan Jacka and Bayard Fenwick at Sotheby's. [caption id="attachment_62207" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Sotheby's[/caption] What else needs updating? Possibly the three bathrooms, which aren't pictured, and we might paint the ceiling beams white. There are five bedrooms, but it's not clear whether that's the total for both houses. Both the main house and the cottage offer elevated decks to take in the views and they also boast garages. Plenty of privacy to be found with the treed five acre-lot. Of course there's room for a pool and tennis if desired. Asking price for all this is $4 million; it sounds like the property has never been for sale before. "Three generations of the original owners have enjoyed this magnificent setting and share in its storied history. During WWII, the family welcomed military personnel using a nearby fire tower as a lookout for enemy submarines in the bay." For more, click here. 92 Stony Hill Road Amagansett
sag harbor farmhouse
Nicely Updated, This Sag Harbor Farmhouse Still Has Potential
August 28, 2017
This 1890s Sag Harbor farmhouse retains much of its period charm--check out the width of those floorboards, not to mention the newel post, bay windows and wainscoting--but has been updated sensitively with a white marble kitchen. White marble kitchens are timeless classics, but also happen to be very fashionable at the moment. The property, represented by Caroline Sarraf at Compass, is well-located right on Jermain Avenue, with an easy walk to local amenities. [caption id="attachment_62190" align="alignnone" width="640"] All photos via Compass[/caption] The house is small at just 1500 square feet; there are three bedrooms and two baths, including a ground floor master. The kitchen leads to a deck with an outdoor shower; the deep 0.17-acre property sports a large electrified barn. We'd love to see the next owner add a small pool and convert the barn to a funky poolhouse. Asking price for all this is $1.675 million, which is possibly a little high; we might offer at $1.5 million and see what happens. For more, click here. 203 Jermain Ave, Sag Harbor 
New Build on Flying Point
An Enormous Modern New Build on Flying Point for $32 Million
August 25, 2017
Amazing views and a gorgeous house characterize this new build on Flying Point Road in Water Mill. (Or should we call it an in-progress build, as all that's available are renderings?) The house, designed by Barnes Coy, is huge at 11,000 square feet. Too cramped? There's also 4700 square feet of living space outdoors with terraces and patios at different levels, including a roof deck. The 2.86-acre property, listed by Zachary Vichinsky and Cody Vichinsky at Bespoke, also includes a sunken tennis court, a private dock, and an elevated pool. [caption id="attachment_62179" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via Bespoke[/caption]    The simple modern style house will feature nine bedrooms and 11.5 bathrooms. The master and junior master are on the main floor, which is the upper floor to make the most of the views. There's an elevator to each level, a gym, and a six-car garage. The interiors will be designed by Massimo Castagna, and from the two renderings shown (which make heavy use of furniture and accessories by, er, Massimo Castagna), they will be spectacular. The only question is the price. The house is waterfront and close to the ocean, but not oceanfront. Will the buyer with $32 million prefer the ocean? Guess we'll see. For more, click here. 951 Flying Point Road, Water Mill
Two-Acre Georgica Property
Is This Two-Acre Georgica Property a Bargain at $8 Million?
August 24, 2017
This property, which features two acres south of the highway in Georgica, has been on the market for a year now. It was originally asking $10 million; now the price is $2 million less. It's repped by Christopher Burnside at Brown Harris Stevens and Dana Trotter and Rylan Jacka at Sotheby’s International Realty. The property offers a lot for the money but also presents some issues. [caption id="attachment_62162" align="alignnone" width="750"] All photos via BHS[/caption] First up, the positives. There's two acres of land, which includes a 55-foot saltwater pool and spa, pool house, and a grass tennis court. The house is spacious at 5000 square feet, with five bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and a bedroom for staff in the lower level. On the negative, there’s the house itself, which is in a "Grandma’s house 1963" style, complete with wall-to-wall carpeting and leafy wallpapers. (What, no brimming candy dish on the coffee table?) The main bathroom includes copious glass blocks. The house has been recently renovated, with a new roof, new kitchen, plumbing, wiring, and Sonos sound. The $8 million question: will anyone buy at this level? Or will they be scared off by the glass blocks and flee? We'll keep an eye on this property. For more, click here50 E Hollow Rd, East Hampton
Fall in Love With This Quirky Greenport Bayside Cottage
August 23, 2017
If you don't instantly adore this Greenport house with its pinnacle roofed towers, there's cobwebs in your soul. (There's probably cobwebs in the attic, too, but never mind.) [caption id="attachment_62150" align="alignnone" width="660"]greenport All photos via Corcoran[/caption] The William H. Joost House, known as Rosemary, was the summer residence of insurance executive William H. Joost and his wife, who lived on Dean Street in Brooklyn. They first came to Southold in 1895 when they purchased the S.B. Terry property. In 1899 they sold most of that property to the Bliss family, keeping a small portion with a cottage for themselves. The cottage was greatly enlarged and renovated in 1908, when the two towers were added. Originally located on Maple Lane, the home was moved by barge in 1926 to its present location in Greenport. Yep, the house, at just 1600 square feet, is pretty small by today's standards, and it definitely needs work. There are three bedrooms and two baths. (We'd keep the lavender bathroom with the swan faucets, though, because it's hilarious.) Of course there are beautiful views everywhere: the 0.36-acre plot includes 100' of waterfront. There's an outdoor shower and a detached garage that is too funky for words. Asking price for all this is $1.5 million. Whether or not that's reasonable for the property, represented by Susan Sutton at Corcoran, we can't say, not knowing how much work it requires. However, we do think that North Fork properties are only going up in price, and a lovable waterfront cottage like this must be a good investment. For more, click here3345 Bay Shore Road, Greenport
sale for georgica property
$10 Million Price Cut Results in a Sale for Georgica Property
August 22, 2017
In April, the asking price of this Georgica, East Hampton, property was slashed another $5 million, for a total of $10 million off. Back in 2012, the asking price was an ambitious $24.75 million; the price was cut last year to $19.75, and by spring this year was down to $14.95 million. That finally did the trick as the house, represented by Ed Petrie and James Petrie at Compass, is now in contract. [caption id="attachment_60096" align="alignnone" width="647"] All photos via Compass[/caption] Designed by Jaquelin Robertson of Cooper, Robertson and Partners and built by Caramanga/Murphy, the house is designed to make the most of the peaceful water vistas. One issue that may have held the property back might be that there's only four bedrooms plus a one-bedroom apartment, which is a little skimpy for a 7500 square foot house. Too cramped? The listing notes that "Zoning would allow substantial house expansion." A veranda that overlooks a 50' waterside pool; there isn't a tennis court but theoretically there's room for one. The Cove Hollow Farm area is very peaceful and quiet; however, we note that the pond frontage is just on an arm of the pond and the pond in general hasn't been in good shape lately. What do you think? Did someone make a good buy? For more, click here. 11 Cove Hollow Farm Road, East Hampton