Buy on the Same Street as Wolverine, Diddy, and Donna Karan


Hedges Banks in the Northwest of East Hampton has a ton of celebrity homes: Hugh Jackman at 20 Hedges Banks, Sean Combs at 40, Donna Karan at 48. And why not? It’s peaceful, quiet, and right on the bay with endless views and a sandy beach.

Most houses in the area are in a contemporary style, as is this one, 32 Hedges Banks. It was designed in 1979 by local starchitect Harry Bates, and is one of the smaller buildings in the area, at just 1722 square feet, with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. The house was renovated in 2012, though, with a new kitchen and baths. There is a generous 1.2 acre plot with your own sandy beach. No pool, but there is room to add one–we’d put it in front of the water, if possible.

Asking price for the property, repped by Tim Davis and Thomas Davis at Corcoran, is $4.5 million, which seems a little ambitious to us, given the dimunitive size of the house and lack of pool.

What do you think? Worth it? Let us know in the comments.

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