This East Hampton Property Must Be a Bargain Now


This is probably not the property to fall in love with instantly. The interiors are fussy and filled with pattern, and a lot, we mean a lot, of light green. (And light green is our favorite color, seriously.)


But we’re not the kind of shallow people who reject a house because of its wallpaper, are we? No! Some white paint and wallpaper stripper and we’ll be very happy. We’d keep the green kitchen island, because it’s fabulous.

It’s apparent, though, that most people are the kind who reject a house because of its interior design. Because this place has been on the market a year now, and no one has bitten. Originally the ask was $2.245 million, which we think was ambitious. But now the property, repped by David Zazula at Halstead, has an aggressive new price of $1.575, which we think is very good, considering all this place has to offer.

First up, the plot is a very generous 1.5 acres with rolling lawns, gardens, and a pool. It’s on Cedar Street close to the village–you could walk to most things if you’ve a mind to. While Cedar is busy, this is a flag lot, so there should be some decent privacy and quiet.

The house is 3000 square feet, with four bedrooms and three baths, not including a large basement that could be finished. There’s plenty of space for everything, we think. A smart buyer should look beyond the wallpaper and snap up this place, we say.

What do you say? Let us know in the comments.

For more, click here. 33 Cedar Street, East Hampton