Hedges Index: The 12 Signs of 12 on the East End

Advent calendar. Countdown to Christmas. Number twelve. Branches of blue spruce on a dark background.
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Another year is nearly completed, and what a year it was! Like 2018 and 2019 before it, 2020 concludes at the end of the 12th month, and, fittingly, 12 is the number of completion in numerology. Made up of two digits, 12 marries the perfection and independence of 1 with the diplomacy and partnership of 2. With 12 months and 12 lunations of the moon in a year, 12 signs in the Western and Chinese zodiacs, 12 hours in the a.m. and 12 in the p.m., this number is one of incredible significance to the world and to the East End.

Total area of both Water Mill and North Sea 12 square miles (each)

Water area of Aquebogue, East Marion, Peconic and Greenport West 0.12 square miles (each)

Land area of Shelter Island Town 12.1 square miles

Listed rental price for a three-bedroom, two-loft East Hampton home with a pool in 1976 $12,000 for the summer

Population of Napeague 112

Population of New Suffolk 212

Population density of Orient 120 people per square mile

Percentage of Flanders residents under 5 years of age 12.1%

Percentage of Sag Harbor residents who worked from home in 2018 12.3%

Percentage of East Quogue residents who carpool to work 12.9%

Number of ocean beaches in Southampton Village 12

Year Rufus Wainwright wrote the song “Montauk” for his album Out of the Game 2012


Average number of bedrooms in $12 million Hamptons properties on the market 5.6

Average number of bathrooms in $12 million Hamptons properties on the market 6.3

Average size of $12 million Hamptons properties on the market 6,079 square feet