Let’s Pretend the 20th Century Never Happened, in Riverhead


The 20th century. Feh. Feh, we say! Sure, some good things happened: global public health initiatives. The computer revolution. Walking on the moon. The Big Mac. Feminism. Box wine. All wonderful things, but then there on the other side are two world wars, the 1918 flu epidemic, atom bombs, recessions and depressions, and Pizza Hut. So there we are. To get away from modern life, we suggest you buy this Riverhead Victorian, already decorated in the height of 1880s style, and pretend it all didn’t happen! And why not invite President Chester A. Arthur, on his way to visit Sag Harbor, to sit a spell and enjoy some lemonade on the cooling porch.

We really admire how the owners of this house, on Lincoln Street in Riverhead, have basically just damn-the-torpedoes gone for it with Victorian furniture. It looks great. The place was built in 1868 and is about 5500 square feet. There are seven bedrooms and five baths, all set on 0.40 of an acre in the court district of Riverhead (so you can easily walk to all the great restaurants open in downtown these days).

Listing agents are Diane M. Mollica and Dianne Klink at Daniel Gale Sotheby’s, and asking price for all this is a mere $575K (well, mere in 21st century terms). But can you really put a price on forgetting the 20th century? More lemonade, Mr. President?

For more, click here. 110 Lincoln Street, Riverhead