Probably the Nicest Unit in Watchcase is Now Approaching Half Off


One of the things we really like about the units at Watchcase is that so many of them are unique, owing to the building’s topography. And this unit, Penthouse 418, may not be the largest penthouse, but it’s arguably the nicest, with pleasant interiors and a whopping three outdoor spaces to hang in and incredible views.

The initial ask for P418 was $7.9 million in 2014. Now, represented by Deborah Srb at Sotheby’s, and never having been lived in, the ask is a much more realistic $4.9 million. This unit is smaller than the largest penthouse, 314, which offers 400 more square feet, but is lower priced at $4.25 million. 314 also boasts an open kitchen with island, which are very popular, and an outdoor kitchen on its terrace, but we don’t like the staircase and the fireplace in 314. 418 is both more attractive and has better outdoor space, so it’s worth the extra, we feel.

One thing that might hold 418 back is the enclosed kitchen. Personally, we like a kitchen set off by itself, but most people prefer them to be open now. (Kudos to Deborah Srb for making the spot into a positive: “The stylish cooking space is located in one of the building’s rarest historic spaces: the precious metal vaults.”)

Now on to the good stuff. The airy living room offers three exposures of glass.

There are three bedrooms (one is set up as an office), with two large masters. (Each master has a terrace offset from it.)

The solarium leads to the large (1,822 square feet) terrace with a firepit.

The pièce de résistance of the whole apartment is the tower you see above. It’s private, for this unit only. And the views!

Yep, this place is pretty special.

For more, click here. 15 Church Street, Penthouse 418, Sag Harbor