Live Like a Potentate in Southampton Former Servants’ Quarters


The Hamptons is famous for our beautiful, luxurious estates–the envy of the world. And yet, what’s there now is almost laughably modest compared to the properties the titans of industry owned a hundred years ago. Black Point, the oceanfront property of Standard Oil heir H.H. Rogers, stretched 60 acres from the ocean to Old Town Pond. The house was designed by Walker and Gillette, built in 1914, and the grounds were designed by the Olmsted brothers.

The playhouse in the children’s garden at Black Point
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Rogers died in 1935 and the house was razed shortly thereafter. One building remains: the servants’ quarters, now at 456 Old Town Road, just a couple blocks from the ocean. The property was eventually sold to Raymond Kassar, the former CEO of Atari, who turned the house into a single family home. In 2006, the structure was renovated and divided into six ultra-luxury units.

And now one of them is for sale! You’ll make no compromises with this place–you’ll get plenty of space, which is beautifully updated, as well as private outdoor areas to relax. Plus you’re close to the ocean as well as the village. The details: in about 2300 square feet, this property boasts 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. Repped by Geoff Gifkins and Noë Brown at Nest Seekers, the townhouse is asking $2.875 million. There’s a garage with extra resident parking and secure, private storage as well. We’re really bullish on condo and co-op units, as they make for easy living and relaxing weekends, and this complex also includes a great location.

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For more, click here. 465 Old Town Road, Unit 200, Southampton