Summer Is Coming: Time for Spring Cleaning

Woman is cleaning stain on sofa with brush
Woman is cleaning stain on sofa with brush
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Memorial Day weekend is a few short weeks away, which means your Hamptons or North Fork home may require a spring cleaning before it’s ready for company. Wayne “Stainmaster” Edelman, CEO of Meurice Garment Care and Clean by Meurice in East Hampton, offers some tips for how to best plan your pre-season preparations.


The best time to clean your outdoor furniture and cushions is in the fall but if you neglected to address the soil then, spring is the time to do it. Depending on the type of upholstery material and the construction of the cushions, we recommend a thorough brushing and vacuuming followed by either cushion removal cleaning and replacement, power washing or vacuum soap and water extraction.


The home should be prepped for the season. Even though houses are pretty tight, we see a lot of bugs seek warmth and cobwebs form during the winter months. Our technicians basically “detail” the home. This is not housecleaning but serious deep cleaning using the same guidelines that we have in place for smoke restoration and post-construction cleaning. It is the dust and dirt that you can’t see that we go after.


Draperies, curtains and window treatments are basically filters that trap dust and dirt as air circulates around the home. We have come a very long way from when my father would say, “Take them down, and we will pick them up and clean them and deliver them back.” Realizing we are in the customer service business and not the cleaning business, we will come in and assess the condition of the window treatments in your home to determine the best cleaning process for them. We take digital photographs, measure and mark everything to ensure all window treatments are replaced to their original specs.


Carpets, rugs and upholstery have collected dust and dirt over the off-season. Our teams come in to vacuum and clean your furnishings, utilizing the safest effective method for each piece. Not all fabrics are alike and therefore the proper
cleaning method and technique needs to be used for each item of furniture.


Spring is the perfect time to look at the wardrobe you left hanging in your closet at the beach house. All clothing items should have been cleaned at the end of the season. Cleaning minimizes potential moth damage and addresses stains that
could have been invisible at the end of the summer but now have become apparent.


Ugh! Are you actually going to sleep in the bed that has been made all winter and collecting dust? Gross. Spring is the perfect time to clean sheets, pillows and comforters. Reluctant to tax your washing machine and septic system laundering the 50 pool towels in the pool house? Send them to the experts.

Now you are ready to host your family and friends all summer long! Time to focus on cocktails and enjoy.

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