Design for Living: Appliance Artistry

Courtesy KBIS

In the last column we discussed art, from the spectacular work of local East End artists to the Frame TV. Today we continue our art journey with the blending of technology and art, now an integral part in the design of multi purpose work/school spaces for our residential projects.

In order to bring the most innovative products to each project, we are constantly seeking inspiration and education, which is provided in large part by trade resource showrooms and shows.

The gold standard for kitchen and bath design inspiration is KBIS, the most widely attended show on the planet, and in fact it was the last show we attended before lockdown.

Courtesy KBIS

Although the 2021 show was entirely virtual, there were so many amazing products and ideas digitally delivered, it was a joy to attend the show from the comfort of the design studio!

With art top of mind, one of the highlights of adaptive ingenuity is from Blue Star, an appliance manufacturer that brings color, beauty and artistry to kitchen spaces through appliances.

Blue Star by Design Mural Wallpapers

Blue Star, established in 1880 in PA, is known for their fully customizable products in a rainbow of color options for their ranges, hoods and refrigerators, but they have now added digitally printed imagery as well which will be available Mid 2021, and we can’t wait! Whether designing for the central kitchen area, or the work, play or entertainment kitchen areas, more artful surfaces are always welcome!

Dee Ann Federico is an interior designer, artist, entrepreneur and prayer chaplain. She is the creative force behind the multi-coastal design firm, Dee Ann Design, LLC specializing in creating beautiful and soulful spaces for residential and commercial clients in person and virtually.