Design for Living: Aligning with Art

The Frame TV from Samsung, as seen here in an office waiting room, allows clients to curate a rotating gallery of images.
Dee Ann Design LLC

As an interior designer and an artist, people often ask me three questions about art and how to incorporate it into their home.

What kind of art should I purchase? Where should it go? How should it be hung? 

Here are some suggestions: 

What kind of art should I purchase? 

Art is uniquely personal on three levels; physical, mental and spiritual.

Physical: Our eyes receive the beauty of form, color and texture. Mental: Our minds ponder the inspiration behind it. Spiritual: Our hearts connect with the emotional expression.

When assisting clients with art for their homes and businesses — which are often one in the same in 2021 — it is important to purchase art that brings joy to the client for the long term, pieces that work beautifully in their current home or office, or any future location.

The Hamptons has long been a creative haven for artists and a perfect location for summer art fairs. We love to introduce clients to local artists for an even more personal experience. 

Where should it go?

When starting a project, we always consider art first, as it often provides the inspiration for the color palette and sets the tone for the whole project.

In the Hamptons, we design homes with walls of windows that display the magnificence of the coastline and the woods, which can sometimes present a challenge for wall space to hang art. In addition to walls, art can be placed on open shelves, in niches (existing or planned in construction), on ceilings, on tile stone and brick, mirrored surfaces, wallpaper and fabric. 

There is a place for art in every project and every room, from kitchens and bathrooms to outdoor living rooms, offices, gyms, meditation rooms and family entertainment areas. The Frame TV from Samsung has also provided the opportunity for clients to curate a rotating gallery of images as well as their own personal collections, which can be enjoyed in two rooms at the same time!

How should it be hung?

Preferably by a professional! In all our design installations we collaborate with professional hanging services for an excellent and stress free client experience.

The first thing to know about hanging art, is that there are two different measures. There is the mathematical equation, and the eye equation, and using both will give the best result. After the numbers have all been confirmed, it is best to stand back prior to making the holes, to make sure that it looks correct to the eye. 

A new traditional dining room.Dee Ann Design LLC

This rule applies whether it is a single piece or a large grouping, and while we also use digital assistance on our screens to visualize placement, we sometimes go “OG” and lay them on the floor, or use paper cut outs on the wall. This is especially helpful when designing a gallery grouping of different sizes and subject matter.

No matter what the style of the project, from Mid-Century Modern to New Traditional, art unifies the space and enhances the lives of the artists and the clients! 

Dee Ann Federico is an interior designer, artist, entrepreneur and prayer chaplain. She is the creative force behind the multi-coastal design firm, Dee Ann Design, LLC specializing in creating beautiful and soulful spaces for residential and commercial clients in person and virtually.