Setting the Easter Table Peeps, Bunnies, Eggs and Beautiful Pastels

Easter Table
Pastels are a must on any Easter table.
Meri Meri

Easter is such a fun and upbeat celebration – it’s like Christmas with better weather! Even if you’re on a time or budget crunch, it’s easy to get into the spirit and pull together an elaborate table without all that much effort – no yolk-blowing necessary.

Keep reading for easy tips to work into your décor this holiday.

Easter table
Thoughtful lines will elevate your tablescape.Michael Russo

Create an Easter-themed centerpiece

One of the most important things to do when looking to design a memorable table is to focus on the centerpiece. “Create a striking focal point with an Easter-themed centerpiece – for example, consider a decorative basket filled with colorful eggs, spring flowers and even a few whimsical figurines like bunnies or chicks to capture the essence of the holiday,” suggests Mikie Russo of MADE by Michael Russo.

Easter Table
An Easter table complete with bunny ears.Meri Meri

Be thoughtful about your linen selection

Russo suggests opting for light and bright table linens to set the tone for a festive Easter atmosphere. “Pastel-colored tablecloths or runners can complement the spring theme and provide a visually pleasing backdrop for your table décor.”

Choose Easter-themed tableware to add a touch of charm.Meri Meri

Reach for seasonal tableware.

Choose Easter-themed or spring-inspired tableware to add a touch of charm. “Look for plates, napkins and utensils adorned with floral patterns, bunnies or chicks. Coordinating the tableware enhances the overall theme of your Easter table setting,” says Russo. If you’re not looking to invest, Meri Meri has a fantastic selection of disposable options including bunny-shaped plates, bunny honeycomb decorations and even bunny-eared cups!

Easter Table
Easily create a warm and inviting ambiance by incorporating candles or
soft lighting.
Ryan Porter Candier

Stock up on candles and ambient lighting 

You can easily create a warm and inviting ambiance by incorporating candles or soft lighting. “Place pastel-colored candles in decorative holders or use fairy lights to add a subtle glow,” suggests Russo.

“This not only adds a cozy atmosphere, but also elevates the visual appeal of your Easter table.” If you’re looking for conversation starters, Ryan Porter Candier has a slew of options like their colorful  “Sprinkle Good Vibes Candle.”

Easter table
Thoughtful lines will elevate your tablescape.Michael Russo

Go for nature-inspired accents

Easter is also the perfect time to bring a touch of nature indoors by incorporating elements like fresh flowers, greenery or even small potted plants as additional table decorations according to Russo. “Consider placing these accents in rustic or decorative containers to enhance the natural theme and embrace the spirit of spring.”

A striking focal point for the Easter table.Meri Meri

Work produce into your décor

Veggies aren’t just for eating! Stay on theme while opting for something budget-friendly by working in bunnies’ favorite snack into your décor. “An easy centerpiece is lining a vase with beautifully colored fresh carrots then putting tulips on top,” says Natalie Rebuck of Re: Design Architects. “Another idea is to place eggs in a jar.” For the eggs you can opt for store-bought brown ones or make it a family affair and decorate eggs to then use for the table. PEEPS EggMazing Egg Decorator is an easy way to add that personal touch – and kids love it! Basically there’s a bunny-shaped decorator that holds and spins hard-boiled eggs. Using the included colored, non-toxic markers, kids decorate totally mess-free.

Bring a touch of nature indoors.Michael Russo

Keep Easter in mind year-round

Rebuke suggests keeping Easter in mind when perusing yard sales as you can often find decorated eggs, ceramic bunnies and more throughout the year. Candy is always a winner. If there’s one thing that’s age-less, it’s candy. Rebuke suggests using Easter candy – think jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps and Reese’s peanut butter eggs – as part of the décor. Simply fill clear vases with your favorite Easter-themed treats and you’ll end up with something that’s as practical (and delicious) as it is decorative.

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