7 Ways to Organize and Store Holiday Decorations

organize storage holiday decorations
Holiday décor comes in many different sizes, ranging from tiny tree ornaments to large lawn ornaments, so figuring out a storage plan for everything can take a bit of effort.

Decorating a home for holidays is quite popular. A survey from the National Retail Federation found that 53% of respondents said they were planning to decorate their home or yard for Halloween in 2023. Lombardo Homes polled 1,000 Americans in 2021 and 94% said they celebrate Christmas in at least some way, and 84% said they decorate. According to Time2Play, which surveyed 1,000 Canadians about their holiday decorating habits, Manitoba puts up Christmas décor earlier than any other province, with these residents taking out decorations 4.3 weeks ahead of Christmas Day on average.

With so many avid holiday decorators, individuals will need to find ways to organize and store their seasonal items. Holiday décor comes in many different sizes — from the smallest tree ornaments to illuminated statues for the yard or inflatable items. Figuring out a storage plan can take a little effort. These seven tips can help.

1. Buy Storage: Purchase clear, similarly sized storage bins and shelving racks, hanging them where you plan to keep the decorations. Most people prefer an out-of-the-way spot, such as in the garage, attic or basement. Label each bin by holiday and put the bins in chronological order to make finding items more convenient. Uniform bin sizes make it easier to stack and store.

2. Store Smaller Items Inside Larger Decor Items: Decorative baskets or wrapped boxes brought out for Christmas or Chanukah are ideal places to keep smaller tchotchkes like ceramics, dreidels, candlestick holders or mantel hooks. Delicate items can be tucked into Christmas stockings or wrapped and stored in a fluffy tree skirt. Egg cartons can be used to keep small items safe as well.

3. Label Everything: That way, you will not need to dig through boxes or bins to know what is inside. This might be a good year to ask for a label maker for the holidays!

4. Use Overhead or Wall Storage for Holiday Decor: Overhead spaces in the garage or basement walls can be good spaces to keep holiday decorations. Always keep bins and boxes off the floor so they are not vulnerable to damage related to leaks or floods.

5. Garment Bags Can Protect Larger Decorations: These include wreaths, artificial trees and signs. If you have a large number of mechanical, illuminated or inflatable lawn ornaments, consider investing in a small shed where these items can be safely kept. Wrap the extension cords and any bracing stakes or strings used with the decorations so they’re easy to find.

6. Utilize Cardboard: Use pieces of cardboard, as well as toilet paper or paper towel tubes, to keep lights and wires tidy. Tuck cords into the toilet paper tubes, and wrap lights around the cardboard to avoid tangles.

7. Assess Your Collection: Each year, take inventory of your decoration collection and toss out anything that is damaged or has seen better days. Storing holiday decorations will take some time, but once you establish a system, things will be simple year after year.