Hedges Index: Major Number 9

Montauk Point State Park, Photo: Megan Taylor

Now into September, summer 2020 is officially behind us, and what a summer it was. In this ninth month of the year, one’s mind may begin to wonder about the significance of the number nine. The highest of all single digits, nine is unique in that the digits of any number that’s been multiplied by nine will always add up to nine, no matter how large (e.g. 123 x 9 = 1,107 and 1 + 1 + 0 + 7 = 9). Nine is associated with the Major Arcana Tarot card known as the wisdom-seeking Hermit, a character many of us were able to relate to this summer. Now, we venture out into the world in search of the number nine across the Hamptons and North Fork.

East Hampton Town beaches in Montauk: 9

New York State parks on the East End: 9

Estimated population of East Marion: 954

Estimated percentage of Tuckahoe residents under 5 years old: 9.7%

Percentage of Water Mill and Montauk residents who worked from home in 2018: 9% (each)

Percentage of Southold Town households with a computer in 2018: 90.1% (highest on the East End)

Estimated number of households in East Hampton Town: 9,006

Total area of Springs and Mattituck: 9.2 square miles (each)

Median household income of East Hampton Village residents: $90,750

Listing price of a three-bedroom ranch house in a private Southampton community in 1978: $90,000

Year that The Old House, a national historic landmark, was built in Cutchogue: 1649

Gardiners Island, Photo: Photo: Courtesy Doc Searls

Year that pirate Captain William Kidd buried a portion of his treasure on Gardiners Island: 1699

Billy Joel, Photo: Harel Rintzler/PatrickMcMullan.com

Year that Billy Joel released the song “The Downeaster Alexa,” about a fisherman’s journey through Montauk Sound: 1990

Year that Montauk-set movie Paper Man was released: 2009

The Lobster Roll aka LUNCH, Photo: Oliver Peterson

Year that Napeague restaurant The Lobster Roll AKA LUNCH made its last of many appearances on Showtime series The Affair: 2019