Behind The Hedges 21.09.2020 09:44 Hedges Index: The Roaring '20s

Hedges Index: The Roaring '20s

June 25, 2020 By David Taylor

As we're halfway through 2020, we're taking a look at the East End through the 20s--and not just the lavish era of roaring house parties and fabulous flappers.

Length of Route 27, from Brooklyn to Montauk Point: 120.58 miles

Number of 20th Streets on the East End: 1

Hamlets and villages in the Town of Southampton: 23

Elevation of the Laurel hamlet: 20 feet

Address of President Chester Alan Arthur's summer retreat: 20 Union Street, Sag Harbor

Acreage of the smallest vineyard in the Hamptons: 28

Living space in the most expensive Hamptons home on the market: 20,000 square feet

Average square footage of $20 million Hamptons homes on the market: 9,548

Average number of bedrooms in $20 million Hamptons homes on the market: 7

Average number of bathrooms in $20 million Hamptons homes on the market: 8

Inflated value of $20 million saved since 1920: $256,389,00


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