The Hedges Market Report for March 2018

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Welcome to the Hedges Market Report! Every month we will poll local real estate agents and others in the industry about their sense of the market and how their business is doing. The following is the results of the February survey; at the end of the post is the new survey. And yes, we do ask (semi) interesting new questions each month, as well as the usual state-of-the-market queries.

The first question was “Which of these newer design trends is your favorite?” 40% liked “Black window frames;” 35% preferred “natural style lawns; ” 15% liked “boxy houses without huge windows;” and 10% cited “lavish built in closets.”

To the question, “Does the real estate industry rely too much on technology now?,” 75% replied, “No. It’s a great way to make connections.” 15% answered that face-to-face connections between clients and agents are suffering.

“How do you feel about short-term rental websites like Airbnb and VRBO?” 50% thought that owners have the right to rent out their property. 25% replied, “They could reduce property values in the surrounding neighborhood” and another 25% thought “They negatively affect my rental business.”

“How do you feel about your business in the past month compared to the same time last year?” 45% replied “Good. I did well.” 35% replied that business was about as busy as usual and 20% thought business was not that great.

Next up was “How do you feel about your business in the upcoming month?” 60% were optimistic, 10% pessimistic and 30% neutral.

Next up was “What is your sense of the market as a whole?” Answers were short this month! “Rentals off from ’17;” “Looking up;” “Cautious;” “Steady;” “Average;” “Vibrant.” Make of that what you will.

And finally, we asked if there was anything else polltakers would like to add. Again, short answers this month! “Bottom line: health is wealth.” “Value will sell.” “Waterfront properties are getting very scarce.” “Small is in. Have sold 3 houses under 1500 sq ft. All newly renovated and updated.” “I foresee a strong 2018 – be it sales or rentals… “That’s hot…emmmmm Fredrik.” (Yes, we do need to do a Bethenny/Fredrik update very soon!)

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Here’s a link to the March questionnaire–don’t worry, it’s very short and fast. Remember, it’s entirely anonymous, so please be honest. Thanks!

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Got an opinion? There’s room for entering any concerns you have on the poll, or feel free to drop us a line. Thanks for your time.