Ruschmeyer’s Has Been Sold; New Owners Plan ‘Creative Retreat’

rusch 3

After nearly two years on the market, Ruschmeyer’s, the Montauk landmark, has been sold, we can exclusively reveal. The new owners prefer to remain anonymous for now, but they have retained Peter Litvinenko and his company Work | Eat | Play  as the operating group. Formerly the Second House Tavern (and back in the 50s, a summer camp called, erm, Ruschmeyer’s) Ruschmeyer’s most lately offered 20 hotel rooms, a restaurant, and bar.

So what’s in store for Ruschmeyer’s? Peter says, “I’m a longtime Montauk visitor—since I was a child. We’d like to restore relations with the town, first of all. And we’d like to bring back the local feel; make Ruschmeyer’s into a place where locals have weddings. We also want to make the place into a creative retreat: after all, back in the day Mick Jagger was in Montauk writing ‘Memory Motel’ and Andy Warhol hung out there. I want to bring coworking to Montauk. That’s what my company does—we’re the Airbnb of coworking. We turn empty restaurant seats into coworking spaces during the day.”

Peter adds, “We’re in the middle of hiring and renovation discussion right now.” Stay tuned for further intel on this interesting addition to the Montauk summer landscape.