Stella McCartney’s Napeague Cottage Will Be a Tough Rental


We were delighted last year when the news emerged that Stella McCartney, daughter of Sir Paul, had purchased this bayfront property in Napeague. We love how loyal the family is to the Hamptons (Linda McCartney’s family had roots here). Now Stella is making the cottage available for a July rental or the extended season. (Hat tip to the Real Estalker at Variety.) Presumably she’s saving August for her own family’s use.

All photos via Saunders

But the property has issues as a rental. No TV? Put one in the corner, Stella! You may not care but it’s quite likely your renters will want to catch a Yankees game. (And while we’re at it, put a fake plant in that cute bullet planter.) The decor, too, is too hip for its own good, with two sofas from the Wings Over America era. We find them funky and fun, but renters won’t. The biggest issue is the asking price of $30,000 for July, and the listing, represented by Chris Coleman and Melissa Green at Saunders, referring to the cottage as renovated. Renovated when? That isn’t a recently renovated kitchen or bathroom. For $30K a month, a renter wants a newer kitchen and bath.

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