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$10 Million Gilding the Lily on Bridgehampton Oceanfront

June 01, 2018 By Laura Euler

We don't get it, we really don't. This property was a new build three years ago that sold for a healthy $27.5 million. 1.5 acres on the ocean in Bridgehampton. 7350 square feet, plenty of decks, pool, walkway to ocean, all very nice, designed by Barnes Coy Architects. According to Mansion Global, the new owner then called in builder Ben Krupinski for a "two-year, $10-million-plus project has added a roof deck, a kitchen with pizza oven and bar, as well as two TV-viewing areas, on top of 6,000 square feet of outdoor entertaining space."

What the what? The house already had a roof deck with a nice fireplace as well as "6,000 sf of deck and entertainment space" (that quote is from the earlier listing). What did they spend ten million dollars on? We don't get it. The interiors look virtually the same as in the previous listing--actually we liked the furniture much better before. The new stuff is a little, shall we say, glitzy for the Hamptons. OK, we noticed they changed the rather nice staircase. And if they spent all this money on the roof deck, why aren't there any pictures of it in the listing?

Now the property has been relisted with Ed Petrie, James Petrie and Charles Forsman at Compass and it's asking $42.5 million. We have a feeling it's going to sit, but who knows, maybe we'll be proved wrong.

For more, click here. 263 Surfside Drive, Bridgehampton


  • WiseUp/ 01.06.2018Reply

    Gotta love those floor protectors under the big piano. The child's piano is exclaiming "Hey, what am I, chopped liver?"

    Also, could they please position the daybeds closer to the pool?

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