3 Affordable Kitchen Upgrades to Consider

Luxury granite countertops can be DIY projects completed in just one weekend.
Luxury granite countertops can be DIY projects completed in just one weekend.
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Is remodeling your kitchen on your wish list? Afraid of how much it’ll set you back?

HomeAdvisor puts the average kitchen remodel price in the $12,567 to $34,962 range. However, you can buck the trend of costly, complicated updates.

“Good design isn’t entirely about how beautiful something looks,” Greenport-based Little House of Kitchens says on its website. “It runs much deeper than that. The key is to understand what you need and how your family utilizes your kitchen, the heart of your home. That’s the truth of good design.”

Consider these three renovations, all of which will improve the look and functionality of your kitchen, without costing you thousands of dollars:

Refresh Fabrics

Reupholstering just one chair means shelling out $150 to $600, according to HomeGuide. If that’s beyond what you’re willing to pay, but you’re not ready to replace a beloved set of kitchen chairs, you can update their look on a budget and in just a few minutes with stretchable seat covers. A good choice for families with kids or pets, these covers are typically machine-washable and can be swapped out as often as you like to suit your mood. From geometric designs to citrus vibes to florals, they’re offered in a range of patterns that will look great with any style.

New Granite Surfaces

Countertops are the most common feature upgraded during kitchen renovations, according to a 2022 Houzz study, which found that nine in 10 remodelers performed this update. The same survey found that 35% of homeowners are splurging to make it happen. If you’ve looked into granite countertops, you probably learned that it can cost thousands of dollars and take months to have them custom-made and installed.

Adding this touch of luxury to your kitchen doesn’t have to bust your budget, involve contractors or mean supply chain hassles. It can actually be an easy, one-weekend DIY project. Using a LuxROCK Solid Surface Granite Countertop Kit from Daich Coatings, you can transform your countertops and island surfaces at just a fraction of the price of a professional granite countertop installation. For about $300, a kit covers 40 square feet of space. This functional and decorative blend of real stone with stunning mineral highlights can be used to give a smooth appearance to countertops, tables or any other surface. And because the authentic stone surface resists stains, heat and impact and is food safe, it’s a great solution for the kitchen.

Each kit includes a prime coat, stone coats, clear epoxy and a clear coat finish, as well as all the tools needed. This revolutionary and exceptionally easy resurfacing project doesn’t require any artistic skills to be a success. Nor does it require technical skills, as sinks, plumbing fixtures and existing countertops don’t need to be removed before application.

If you’re someone who likes the flexibility of changing things up every few years, it’s simple to update granite surface colors using another LuxROCK kit when you’re ready. Both this U.S. patent-pending kit and the brand’s textured countertop kits are available online at The Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Optimize Your Pantry

Pantries are often tucked away, but you can still give them an eye-catching makeover. For fresh pops of color, paint the pantry door and wallpaper the interior. Group items by height, then use customizable shelving to stretch storage real estate. You may also wish to transfer kitchen staples to uniform containers. This will offer a tidier, more visually appealing look, while helping you make better use of limited space. Whether you opt for mason jars, ceramic canisters, or BPA-free plastic cubes, label containers carefully.

It’s the heart of the home, but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to create your dream kitchen. With ingenuity, you can improve its look and functionality at an affordable price point and in just a weekend.