An Artist’s Studio Compound in Springs


This property would be perfect for any artist who lives alone: a very cute 1967 house along with one huge barn and another smaller barn, both about a hundred years old. It belonged to Hedda Sterne, a Romanian-born American artist who was most active midcentury. Ms. Sterne, a member of the New York School, didn’t like to have her art characterized, but we’re going to anyway (sorry); it’s usually associated with Abstract Expressionism. She lived to be 101, and along the way was married to fellow artist Saul Steinberg.

The house is small at 1000 square feet, with one bedroom and one bath. The kitchen is small too. We like the midcentury manufactured fireplace a lot, and another decorative touch we really appreciate is the corrugated metal. Most people won’t like it, but we think it’s an interesting way to play homage to the property’s agricultural past.

The large barn used to be a firehouse; and there’s plenty of room for any artist here.

The second barn is very picturesque. The whole property is 1.36 acres and very peaceful with rolling grass lawns.

Asking price for the property, listed by Rebekah C. Baker at Sotheby’s, is $1.425 million.

For more, click here. 212 Hog Creek Road, East Hampton