Attractive Southampton Modern New-Build Now 36% Cheaper


This is a very nice house–a standout architecturally. Today, it seems as though most new construction is either the “all white with black framed windows and a clear garage door” look or “wooden box with random small windows.” We’re not huge fans of either, frankly. But this place is different. It combines a traditional gable roof form with traditional shingles, along with huge windows and a box-shaped side.

It’s a good sized house at 4000 square feet, with 4 bedrooms and 4.5 baths. The plot size is not huge at a half acre, but there’s a good sized gunite pool out back, and attractive, low-maintenance plantings. Another thing we particularly like is all the outdoor space, perfect for enjoying summer. And you’re know we’re loving that sexy hanging 70s-throwback fireplace hard.

But the pièce de résistance, probably, is the price. The location of the property isn’t the toniest, on David Whites Lane, but is fine, and the price now reflects this. Asking price for the property, repped by James Giugliano, Vincent Abbate, and Shawn Egan at NestSeekers, is $3.3 million, which seems reasonable. Original asking price was $4.5 million back in the halcyon days of January 2018.

For more, click here. 84 David Whites Lane, Southampton