Blue Island Homes Real Estate Brings Strong Long Island Connection to Buying and Selling

Blue Island Homes
Jennie Katz and Mark Stempel of Blue Island Homes

Home is where the heart is.” This may be an overused phrase and yet it perfectly suits CEO and Founding Partner Mark Stempel and his successful Long Island real estate brokerage company, Blue Island Homes.

Growing up on Long Island, Stempel has attributed his company’s success to his “deep-rooted” connection to the area and the invaluable insight his upbringing has provided him into the local market dynamics, community and evolving trends. It is this connection that he says sets his company apart from other real estate companies throughout the region since he is able to anticipate market shifts and tailor Blue Island Homes’ services to efficiently meet the needs of clients.

“From understanding the nuances of waterfront living to recognizing the architectural styles that resonate with Long Islanders, my upbringing has undoubtedly shaped Blue Island Homes’ success in serving the diverse needs of our clientele,” explains Stempel.

Blue Island Homes
Mark Stempel and Jennie Katz with part of the Blue Island Homes teamJBella Photography

Blue Island Homes, whose main office is in Bellmore, is one of the region’s premier residential brokerages and developers in real estate. Their team consists of award-winning agents that represent both buyers and sellers. Stempel says that his team is comprised of industry experts who are not only highly skilled professionals but also deeply passionate about what they do.

“From our dedicated agents to our talented support staff, each member brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table,” he adds. Inspired by Long Island’s coastal charm, Stempel came up with the name Blue Island Homes as a company that stands by the desire to match the sense of belonging that comes with owning a home in this unique and highly desired place.

“We founded Blue Island Homes with a vision to create a real estate brokerage that embodies the essence of Long Island living, the tranquility of its blue waters and the warmth of its communities,” says Stempel, adding that it was the companies’ passion for real estate and desire to provide unparalleled service to clients that led him to create the company as a premier destination for luxury waterfront properties and exquisite neighborhood homes.

Blue Island Homes
An inside look at the Blue Island Homes main office, including the entry and and conference room.Brian Botticelli)

Stempel’s background has lent itself to the companies’ success along with the support and expertise of his founding partner and President of Blue Island Homes, Jennie Katz. Stempel holds a Masters of Architecture from the University of Maryland and he says that these credentials along with his background in construction have been instrumental in shaping his journey in real estate and development. He says that because of his prior work he has been able to make distinctive contributions to both the brokerage and residential development divisions of the company.

“Having firsthand experience in construction allows me to assess the quality of properties with a critical eye, ensuring that our clients invest in homes of superior craftsmanship and durability,” says Stempel, adding that his appreciation for architecture inspires the team to curate listings that showcase unique design elements and timeless appeal that resonates with buyers seeking distinctive homes.

The real estate industry has been in Stempel’s family for as long as he can remember and it is his family that he credits with also fostering his love for architecture. Stempel says that he particularly enjoys transforming concepts into tangible spaces and helping clients find their dream homes. For Stempel, the company goes beyond business and for him it is about creating lasting value in people’s lives and building genuine connections. He holds his family of agents and staff in high regard, but above all, he treasures his job as a father to two daughters, Jordyn and Lily.

Blue Island Homes
The flagship offices in Bellmore

Katz is a licensed real estate sales agent and her career has been defined by a reputation of excellence and unwavering commitment to her clients, fellow agents, family and local charities. She has more than 35 years of experience on Long Island. Her passion lies in people and cultivating meaningful connections. She is said to have an innate sense of design and a profound understanding of the residential market that sets her apart from other agents. She says that her mission is “dual purpose,” the first being to secure the highest value for her clients’ homes, and the second is to skillfully match her clients with their dream homes. She has also been the recipient of numerous prestigious awards for her work as a top real estate industry agent.

Stempel says that now is a perfect time to buy or sell your home since 2024 has shown promising signs of growth and stability.

“Whether you are buying or selling, our team leverages cutting-edge technology, market expertise and personalized service to ensure a seamless experience,” explains Stempel.

Blue Island Homes caters to a diverse clientele but Stempel says that their primary focus is on individuals and families who appreciate luxury, quality craftsmanship and waterfront living.

Blue Island Homes
Take a tour on Blue Island’s touring boat, called Ocean Blue.Mark Stempel

“Our clients often seek homes that offer breathtaking views and impeccable design, whether it’s a serene waterfront retreat or an elegant residence in one of Long Island’s charming neighborhoods,” he says.

Blue Island Homes prides itself on understanding the intricacies of every local market whether a client is looking for a starter home or a large estate and they are also a full-service custom home builder with more than 30 years of experience building high-end luxury custom homes.

Stempel says that they have earned a reputation for quality since they pay particular attention to the details, using the highest quality materials and bringing together subcontractors of superior craftsmanship.

Blue Island Homes has built dozens of homes throughout the north and south shores of Long Island from starter homes to multimillion-dollar luxury homes and a trend that Stempel sees coming up in the real estate industry is an increasing demand for home staging and immersive property marketing experiences.

Stempel says that Blue Island Homes has invested in state-of-the-art staging techniques and technologies, including their new home staging van and warehouse space where they can showcase homes in their best light and attract the right buyers. Additionally, Blue Island Homes now has a very special offering of a waterfront touring boat called Ocean Blue.

Ocean Blue provides prospective buyers with a unique perspective on waterfront properties,” says Stempel. “It really sets us apart in the market and has garnered tremendous interest and accolades from both clients and industry peers.”

The Blue Island Homes staging van at the warehouseMark Stempel

Looking ahead, Stempel says that he is also excited about leveraging emerging technologies to enhance the home buying and selling experience further and cementing their position as leaders in luxury real estate on Long Island.

A 2023 Long Island Press Power List honoree, Blue Island Homes is additionally committed to philanthropic endeavors and giving back to the community.

The company supports the Sunrise Association, which provides a free summer camp to children and their siblings who are battling cancer.

“At Blue Island Homes, we believe in the importance of philanthropy and actively participate in initiatives aimed at improving the lives of Long Islanders,” says Stempel “Whether it’s sponsoring community events, volunteering our time or contributing to charitable organizations, we’re dedicated to making a positive impact beyond the realm of real estate.”

Stempel says that what truly sets Blue Island Homes apart from other real estate companies is his genuine love for Long Island and unwavering commitment to their clients’ success.

“We go above and beyond to exceed expectations, ensuring that every transaction is smooth, stress-free, and ultimately rewarding for our clients,” says Stempel, who adds that their track record for success along with their commitment to excellence makes them a top choice for anyone looking to buy or sell their home on Long Island.

For more information about Blue Island Homes, please visit, call the office at 516-613-3600; Mark at 646-678- 2875 or Jennie at 516-319-0505. You may also email Mark at or Jennie at Those interested in Blue Island Homes are also invited to stop by their state-of-the-art offices at 2878 Merrick Road in Bellmore..