A Charming Four Bedroom Cottage for Just $20 Million (Gin Lane!)

gin lane

This 1940s cottage is charming and has recently been fully renovated. There’s 1700 square feet of space with four bedrooms and three baths. Recently added has been an outdoor shower and a dining pergola. There’s even a small shed for guests.

All photos via Sotheby’s

We kid!

The asking price is just $19.9 million. Of course, the 2.5 acres on Lake Agawam, across the street (which is Gin Lane, one of the best address in the world, of course), is the real star here. What’s nice is that the existing cottage is at the southwest corner of the property, leaving plenty of room to build your great estate, and you can keep the cottage for guests or staff or have a place to stay while you check on construction.

Location is wonderful: across the street from the Bathing Corporation and next door to that nice Chuck Scarborough. There’s 250 feet of lakefront, and the acreage allows for a building of about 16,800 square feet.

Interested? Contact Harald Grant and Privet Hedge Award winner Bruce Grant at Sotheby’s. (They’re on fire lately with many new attractive properties.)

For more, click here. 7 Gin Lane, Southampton