Drop-Dead Gorgeous Bay Views in Springs


Initially, when we saw this 1975 house in Springs, we thought, “OK, needs a lot of work on the interior.” Though we’d keep the conversation pit, of course, because conversation pit.

But now we’re starting to think maybe the house should be kept as is and the new owners should just completely rock the 1970s look and even play it up with macrame and ceramic owls and shag rugs. Why not? (Note: this will almost certainly not happen because we’re a little odd when it comes to loving vintage interiors.)

Even if the new owner guts the place, it’s still fab. The views from the living areas and master bedroom are incredible. There’s half an acre of land right on Gardiner’s Bay with a nice sandy beach. We’re not sure if a pool would be permitted, but we’re also not sure anyone really needs one. (A hot tub? Yes! Preferably one of those really 70s ones that are round and made of wood.)

The 3600-square foot house has four bedrooms and three baths, and a private marina is within sight of the property. Asking price is $3.5 million, down from $3.7 million, and the property is listed by William Wolff at Elliman. At this price, we expect the property to sell fairly quickly.

For more, click here. 32 Bay Lane, East Hampton