Yet Another Exciting Day in Hamptons Real Estate

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Sorry, folks. Earlier today we jumped the gun a little regarding a very interesting bit of news, but right now, we’re assuming wires got crossed. One of our very reliable sources told us that a certain fashion designer had sold his Tyson Lane oceanfront estate for a staggering sum of money. In our excitement, we ran with it. (This source has never, ever been wrong.)

Later we were told by the agent who supposed sold the property that it wasn’t true. Also, the previous owner, who has right of first refusal, called us and said no one approached him about it.

So while we still believe elements of the story are true, we’re not sure what exactly is going on and we should have held our horses a little longer, as it were. Mea culpa.

Now, everyone, get back to work and we owe you a nice cup of tea next time we see you.