Landscape Lighting: What You Need to Know

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Landscape lighting is worth exploring.
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Home improvement trends come and go, and one trend that has become wildly popular in recent years is recognizable in yards every night.

Landscape lighting has transformed how people see and enjoy their properties at night, making it one of the more sought-after upgrades among modern homeowners. Curb appeal is often seen through the lens of how homes appear during daylight hours, but landscape lighting can make homes look better and more modern, and potentially safer, after the sun goes down. With such potential, landscape lighting is worth exploring for homeowners looking to upgrade their properties.


When considering landscape lighting, there are various options to consider. According to the lighting experts at Lumens, spotlights project a concentrated, narrow beam of light that’s usually around 45 degrees. Spotlights are often chosen to highlight specific property features, like a component of the landscaping. Individuals who want to cast light over wider, more general areas may consider floodlights, which Lumens notes spread light up to 120 degrees.

Inground lighting is among the more sophisticated landscape lighting options. Lumens notes that inground lighting illuminates the whole of a tree or structure, often creating a dramatic look. These circle-shaped lights also are great at illuminating walkways and driveways. Post lights are often used to light up long walkways and pathways so it is easier
and safer to navigate dark areas at night.


Many homeowners consider a do-it-yourself approach when pondering a potential home renovation, and a landscape lighting project is likely to inspire such curiosity as well. The home experts at HGTV note that the feasibility of DIY in regard to a landscape lighting project depends on the type of lighting homeowners want to install and where they want to install it. Replacing an existing electrical fixture may be well within the skill of a seasoned DIYer, but installing a new fixture is a job best left to the pros. Homeowners whose homes currently have no or very little landscape lighting are almost certainly better off working with a professional.


A consultation with a professional can help to determine how much lighting to install and where to install it. Homeowners may want to inquire about dimmers, which can increase or decrease lighting depending on the situation. For example, homeowners may want a little extra light during a party, but less when relaxing alone outside at night. Homeowners considering adding landscape lighting to their property are urged to work with a skilled professional.

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