Mock Banner- Huge Style in a Tiny House Designed for the Hamptons

Tiny houses have been huge news in the rest of the country for years now but have been nonstarters in the Hamptons. Chris Burch tried to bring tiny homes to our area a couple years ago with his
Cocoon9 project but that didn’t take off. Now native East Enders Mark and Jessica Dunkirk, who have worked in design and construction industry in the Hamptons for many years, have started Tiny Hamptons LLC to bring small, affordable homes to the area.

All photos via Tiny Hamptons LLC

Mark and Jessica see their tiny homes as perfect for those who want to downsize, for use as a vacation home, or could be used as a guest house or in-law suite. (Of course, you’ll have to check zoning and local laws for what’s allowed.)

Their first model is called the Montauk and it’s $75,000. It’s a teensy 292 square feet, including the loft space for the bed, but everything is super stylish and modern. Outside is finished with cedar siding and a metal roof; inside is shiplap siding with bamboo flooring. The kitchen features full-size stainless appliances and quartz counters; there’s a cute modern fireplace and TV above in the sitting area. The bathroom offers a tiled 3′ x 4′ shower with a toilet and 36″ vanity; across from there is a closet with a washer-dryer.

What do you think? Is it finally tiny house time in the Hamptons? Scroll down to the comments and let us know.

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