Ravishing Further Lane Estate Sells After Four Years


This property first came onto the market back in the halcyon days of 2014. It’s lovely, but was pricey at $21.5 million. Now it’s the way-less-halcyon days of 2018 and the place has finally sold, with a last ask of $15 million. It’s represented by Patricia Wadzinski and Frank Newbold at Sotheby’s. Of course, we don’t know the final price as yet.

So what’s so great about the property? There are 3.2 acres on the north side of Further Lane, including a traditional home, fake-turf tennis court intelligently tucked away, pool, and the three happiest words in the English language: hidden spa grotto.

No wonder, with amenities like those, NBA star Kevin Durant rented the property for ten days in 2016, making it famous. He and his Golden State Warriors teammates are now referred to as the Hamptons Five. (Not Hidden Spa Grotto Five? Fine, whatever.)

All photos via Sotheby’s

This house is owned by a couple, one of whom is a designer. Having toured this place last Christmas on the East Hampton Historical Society tour, we can tell you it’s stunning indoors. And while last November the grounds weren’t as impressive as these pictures, we’re absolutely blown away by the beautifully designed landscaping (coughspagrottocough).

To get to the details: the house is 7400 square feet with five bedrooms and five full and three half baths.  There’s a long screened-in porch that runs the length of the house, and a fabulous master bathroom with stainless-steel tub, and two showers: a glassed-in steam shower and a rainfall shower, both with river stone floors. The roof deck offers an ocean view. Outside, there’s an oversized pool, a tea-house-style pool house with gym, summer kitchen and changing room, along with a three car garage.

For more, click here. 189 Further Lane, East Hampton