Real Estate Roundtable: Turn of the Seasons


The weather is getting crisper, the leaves are turning and the buyers are finally getting serious. What does our panel of real estate experts love about autumn in the Hamptons? What do they miss about summer?

Douglas Sabo, Nest Seekers

Fall is one of the best times of year out here. The ocean normally stays warm until the end of September and the conditions for surfing become more consistent. It is a beautiful time of year, with less traffic but still getting everything that the Hamptons has to offer, as more stores and restaurants are remaining open well into October and November. A tradition for me is taking day trips over to the North Fork with friends to visit the vineyards and the pumpkin patches. What I miss most about the summer are the longer days and bonfires on the beach with family and friends.

Judi Desiderio, Town & Country

The fall is the busiest time of the year in real estate. In summertime, folks are enjoying their vacation time but fall evokes a seriousness–“back to business”–and so we see serious buyers making real offers! But there is a certain somber feeling. I miss having friends over, I miss having something social on the calendar all the time, but mostly I miss the boat trips and beach lobster clambakes with family and friends.

Frank Bodenchak, Sotheby’s

What I love about fall is having all the best attributes of summer–the beaches, the bays, the gorgeous landscape, the great restaurants–at a slower pace so I can actually take it in without racing from one fun place to the next. Of course, when fall is actually here, I miss all the excitement of racing from one fun place to the next!

Mary Slattery, Corcoran

I love fall! Always have. I love the crisp air and cooler temperatures. I will not miss the traffic, which seemed to be at an all-time high in summer 2018. But then we do get the pumpkin pickers, so we get weaned off the traffic slowly and do not have to go cold turkey!

Martha Gundersen, Brown Harris Stevens

I love the warm ocean water and the drier warm air. I must say, though, It is sad to see the days get shorter and the exodus of the migrating birds. I also miss the beautiful flowers and greenery in autumn.

Gary DePersia, Corcoran

What I like about fall are shorter lines, less traffic, maybe a little more time for golf and more wind for windsurfing. Not to mention the emergence of serious buyers who actually drive out to the Hamptons to see houses, rather than looking as a way of killing time between beach and dinner or on cloudy, rainy days. Not all customers are like that, thank goodness!

What I miss about summer are late Sunday afternoons and evenings people-watching and laughing with friends at Sunset Beach. Eating by the water on warm, balmy evenings at Le Bilboquet. I’m always thankful for warm Indian summers. And as much as I like shorter lines and less traffic, I always miss the throngs of summer people mixing with locals in and about the villages that give the Hamptons such a wonderful diversity of character.

John Scott Thomas, Halstead

I absolutely love the annual harvest festival at Wölffer. It’s always a great day with live music, great food, activities for the whole family and great wines, of course. Classic fall setting. But I miss being able to eat outside–especially the fun waterside spots like Duryea’s, Bay Kitchen Bar and Sunset Beach.

John Christopher, Sotheby’s

What I look forward to in the fall are the crisp mornings and evenings. The changing of the guard: the brilliant colors, the wildlife, the hot chocolate and the quietude. On the other hand, I miss the long days and the surreal light of summer.

Larry Zimmerman, Compass

In the fall, I look forward to the beautiful weather without the crowds, the grape harvest at Wölffer and apple and pumpkin picking. What I miss most about the summer are the long days and sitting around the firepit after sundown.

Carol Nobbs, Elliman

What I like about autumn: fewer people, less traffic; crisp weather; apple and pumpkin picking; and hanging with friends around a fire. I miss the longer days and balmy air by the ocean when summer is over.

Robert Canberg, Nest Seekers

It’s buying season! I cannot wait. Instead of spending all their time on the beach or at events, we can finally get buyers to focus instead of being distracted at every turn.