Southampton Grosvenor Atterbury Barn in Contract


From what we understand, this barn was originally part of the estate owned by Grosvenor Atterbury’s parents and then inherited by the man himself. The buildings were all designed by him. The barn here, c. 1910, boasts most of what people like about adapting barns to live in: old beams, plenty of light and space, and quirky charm. Right now, the interiors are best described as “minimal,” but that leaves plenty of scope for the new owners to put their stamp on it.

All photos via Corcoran

Repped by Natalie Lewis at Corcoran, the property includes one acre of land, the 3300-square foot barn with three bedrooms and three baths, and an inground pool. It’s now in contract, at a last asking price of just $815K. Why so cheap? Well, the address is Eastway, but the property is right on Montauk Highway. That said, this area (by Atterbury Estates) is less traveled than other parts of the highway. We’re happy to hear from Natalie that the new owners plan to restore the place. The property sold for $550K less than two years ago, but the new owners clearly put some work into restoring the place; we’d love to see what it looks like once it’s completely redone. It should be a showplace.

For more, click here. 85 Eastway Drive, Southampton