Steal This Montauk Oceanfront Lot for $5.79 Million


Do we ever have a deal for you. This property appeals on several levels: location, price, and looks. First up, location. It is oceanfront in Montauk, and at an elevation of 35 feet, you can laugh (ha! ha! ha!) at sea level rise. “You’re underwater?” you can say to other oceanfront homeowners. “Not me. Ha! Ha! Ha!

All photos via Saunders

Second, price. This is an acre for well under $6 million, when oceanfront acres in Montauk generally go for $7-8 million. (Originally, the lot was asking $8.75 million back in the palmy days of January 2016. Now the price is a stunning $3 million off.) 225 Old Montauk Highway, also repped by Chris Coleman at Saunders, is asking $8.5 million. Now granted, that price includes the building and this one doesn’t, but 225 is on the north side of the highway and doesn’t include ocean access.

Third, looks. OK, granted, the proposed home doesn’t actually exist yet and presumably a buyer could substitute a different plan, but we really like this house. (Especially given how ugly some modern Montauk new builds are.) This one is open and modern, yet homey and not too blocky. Some of the new modern houses look more like bunkers than homes.

So what do you say?

For more, click here. 5 Oceanview Terrace, Montauk