Tennis, Pool, and 2.5 East Hampton Acres for $1.5 Million


This listing has got to be at land value now. It’s repped by Simon Harrison of the eponymous brokerage, and he told us, “Privacy isn’t guaranteed with 2.5 acres because sometimes these are “wood lots” or “bowling alley lots.” This one is square.” So plenty of privacy, plus tennis, plus pool.

Plus existing house! The 80s contemporary is probably a teardown, although an investor could probably smarten it up a bit and use the place as a rental.

And we do mean “smarten it up a bit,” as there are some pretty questionable decor choices, such as the parrot

and, um, what?

Plus a Reagan-era kitchen.

Still: this has got to be a very good deal. As that 80s icon Gordon Gekko said, “Greed is good.”

For more, click here. 17 Dongan Way, East Hampton