A Darling Vintage Beach Cottage in the Dunes


This property is just a charming slice of life from times past. It was built in 1949 and retains quite a bit of character. The problem (from one perspective) is that it’s not huge, at 1750 square feet, with four bedrooms and two baths. (Granted, the baths could use updating, as could the kitchen.) And with a rare half-acre sized plot, which is nicely situated quite close to the ocean, we’re concerned the house will be torn down and something bigger, with a pool, built instead. Which would be a shame because again, not so many of these older cottages left. Besides the cute living room, we quite like the airy sunroom/dining room.

Asking price for this little slice of summer heaven is $2.795 million, which strikes us as about right for what it is, but would need to head south to work as a teardown, we think. What do you say? The property is repped by Brian MacDonald, Ethan Dayton, and Zacheriah Dayton at Sotheby’s.

For more, click here. 76 Gardiner Drive, Amagansett