Looking Back at the ‘Master Craftsman’ Columns From 2022

Master Craftsman
Some of the subjects featured in our Master Craftmsan column throughout 2022.
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Inside each Behind The Hedges magazine, our Master Craftsman column highlights people who help make our house a home. Whether in the Hamptons or in Palm Beach, they use their skills to refine the home, whether it’s creating an item we use or enjoy every day, like the aprons or artwork, or something we may only pull out on special occasions, such as a wreath at Christmas. These people are masters of their craft and there are many on the East End.

A look back at the Master Craftsman we featured in 2022:

Orient Linen Co.
Janet Markarian, left, and Abigail Collier, the mother-daughter duo behind Orient Linen Co., in front of their shop on Village Lane. Rosemary Verrecchio

From The Orient to Orient Linens, Two Lifetimes in Textiles

Like the Village Lane store and its handsewn tea towels and manufactured quilts, the area is all a throwback, one that the next generation is enthusiastically embracing. “It looks very frozen in time,” says Janet Markarian, who started Orient Linen Co. more than 20 years ago, joined recently by daughter Abigail Collier.

Legacy Brick and Stone
Stewart Raccuglia with his crew, from left, Christopher Barwick, Jaime Enriquez and Raccuglia’s son, Anthony Raccuglia in the skid steer. Justin Meinken

Stewart Raccuglia, Legacy Brick and Stone

Any East End property owner could say that some of their best memories are made outside, whether it’s by the pool or enjoying a meal or some sun or just being with friends and family. Stewart Raccuglia has been building the foundation for these moments for more than two decades as the owner of Legacy Brick and Stone, a Long Island-based, family-owned, design and build firm specializing in landscapes, hardscapes and custom masonry, especially in the Hamptons.

Palm Beach Craftsman
A passion became a business for Rob Meyer, seen here standing in his West Palm Beach backyard amid some of his creations.CVLT Branding

Rob Meyer, Palm Beach Craftsman & Co.

Rob Meyer has been woodworking since he was a child, picking up the skill set his father honed over many years. But it wasn’t until he moved to Florida that he decided to turn his passion into a business.

“My father always had a workshop in the basement,” said the northern New Jersey native who honed his talents at the circular saw and by working with his hands. “I learned from him.”

Ron Genereux puts the finishing touches on a Hudson Valley landscape.Vicki Khuzami

Ron Genereux of Artgroove

Most people visit a public space to view murals. Those fortunate enough may have exquisite fine art hanging on their walls. What if you could have a masterpiece surrounding you, inside your very own space? Ron Genereux, the founder and artistic director of Art- groove, delivers just that — custom murals on a large scale — to clients, in residences and commercial spaces from Palm Beach to the Hamptons, Mexico City to Hell’s Kitchen in New York City.

Christa Wilm of Christa’s South Seashells and an example of some of her most intricate work.Annie Watt Photography/Warren Jagger for Parker Construction

Christa Wilm of Christa’s South Seashells

Based in Florida, Christa Wilm has taken seashell art to another level, weaving marine mollusks into the backdrops of homes located in Palm Beach, along the East Coast and even abroad in France, Italy and Switzerland, and in hotels, such as The Breakers on Palm Beach and Faena Miami Beach.

Badilla Painters, ChromeableNY
A wooden cabinet door gets a makeover from Badilla Painters, using bronze chrome from Badilla’s new line, ChromableNYKevin Quinn

Badilla Painters Reinvent Ordinary Furnishings With ChromableNY

Badilla Painters recently developed ChromableNY, a new, eco-friendly technology that involves applying a reflective chrome finish to any surface to provide new life to existing furniture, architectural elements, fixtures or even painted artwork.

Kelly Franké, Master Craftsman
Kelly FrankéCourtesy of Kelly Franké

Kelly Franké Offers a Different Kind of Portrait 

Kelly Franké specializes in portraits, but her portraits are a little bit different from what you might be accustomed to seeing. They are portraits of places, not people. She draws houses and other buildings, from landmarks like lighthouses and windmills to businesses, capturing the artistry inherent in their architecture.

Ray Card, American flags, Signs
Ray Card lays down the stencil to begin painting one of his American flag signs.Taylor K. Vecsey

Ray Card Makes American Flag Signs

Ray Card has been a carpenter for 47 years. A skilled woodworker from Sag Harbor, he has done everything from working on a 14,000-square-foot house to small jobs, from $30,000 cabinetry projects to repair work. None has been more meaningful to both him and his customers than his most recent endeavor creating handcrafted American flags that not only serve as a patriotic symbol to display, but pay homage to people’s service.

NOFO Flower Company, Alyssa Reed
Alyssa Reed at work in her studio.Barbara Lassen
Alyssa Reed of NOFO Flower Company: Florals That Are Better Than Real
Alyssa Reed has always had an interest in interior decorating and loves to use her hands to create. For several years, she has been designing and making handcrafted wreaths that at first glance look like fresh florals with their vibrant colors and high level of detail but which are made from a wide variety of other materials instead.

Spirit Ironworks, metal work
A closeup of a custom-made scroll for the base
of the master stair railing
Courtesy of Spirit Ironworks

Spirit Ironworks: Making Miracles With Metal

Rachel and Tim Miller, a brother and sister team who run Spirit Ironworks, do fine metal work, including blacksmithing, which entails metalwork to create objects primarily from wrought iron or steel, but sometimes from other metals. When people want miracles in metal, including heavenly staircases, the Millers are among the master metalworkers who provide it. “

Montauk Candle Co.
Eugene Kirkwood is considered the “master craftsman” at Montauk Candle Company, a family-owned and operated business.Courtesy of Montauk Candle Co.

Montauk Candle Company Ignites Summer Beach Feeling All Year Long

Montauk Candle Company, a family-owned business born out of Montauk, carefully crafts aromatic batches and hand-pour each natural soy candle selling them not only on the East End of Long Island but to customers all over the country.

“Garden Portals” is now available at the Todd
Merrill Studio.
Courtesy of Todd Merrill Studio

Lauren Shapiro Creates Unique Ceramic Works to Highlight Climate Pressures

South Florida-based visual artist Lauren Shapiro combines ceramics, technology and science to create modular sculptures and installations that, she says, reference systems and visual orders found in nature. Utilizing a multi-step casting process in clay to make artwork both big and small, she often creates for public spaces and always draws inspiration from environmental research and data.

Have a recommendation for the Master Craftsman column? The subject can live or work in the Hamptons, on Long Island or in South Florida. Email TVecsey@danspapers.com.