How About an 80s Teardown by the Ocean in Bridgehampton?


(Note: an earlier version of this post made an unfunny joke in bad taste. We don’t know what we were thinking. Sorry, everyone, we’ll try to be less of an idiot in future.)

Ah, the 80s. There were many good things about it, from fun clothing, great music, and some quite good movies. There were also the not so great things, like some contemporary architecture. We’re not a fan of this house. The rear isn’t so bad, but the front facade could best be described as “forbidding.”

Which is OK, since the low price allows for it to be a teardown. Location is great, on the south side of Sandpiper Lane just two houses from the ocean in Bridgehampton. There’s a good sized 1.2 acre plot, much of which is given over to flat lawns, so it will be easy for someone to build their dream home here.

Asking price for the property, represented by Christopher Burnside at Brown Harris Stevens, is $6 million, which is not bad at all. Were we in the market we might offer at five and see where that gets us. Even at $5.5, there’s scope to build a nice new place and not lose money on the deal. A comp might be a new house (2016) on Meadowlark asking $14 million. It’s farther from the ocean and on a smaller plot.

What say you?

For more, click here. 51 Sandpiper Lane, Bridgehampton