This Week in Bethenny and Fredrik: CATFIGHT

Bethenny and Fredrik, © Bravo

We’ve had trouble sleeping the past week, as we’re sure you have. Every night, we toss and turn, worrying incessantly about Bethenny and Fredrik’s guest bathroom drain. Last week, bombshell: the planned walk-in shower would delay the project by months.

Well, worry no more, good people: Bethenny and Fredrik are solving this problem by shopping for a tub instead. They show up at Ann Sacks, where Bethenny asks if they’ll be eligible for a trade discount. Ever classy, Bethenny then asks for the hooker discount.

Bethenny and Fredrik, © Bravo

The next problem is, Fredrik likes a $20,000 tub. Too expensive! Bethenny then finds a cheaper $6200 tub–after all, they need to save money. She explains that maybe if the tub goes down on her and gives her an orgasm, she’ll pay more, but even then she can get a jacuzzi with jets. Always so practical, Bethenny!

Next it’s time for the weekly slice of life for Bethenny and Fredrik. Bethenny goes to yoga. But there’s an item about a date she had on Page Six. She explains to a fellow yogi she is worried she won’t be able to find anybody.

Bethenny and Fredrik go to the East Village to scope out new investment properties. They arrive by Avenue D. Bethenny explains, “This isn’t the East Village! This is the East River!” But this place won’t work for them. It’s 849 square feet with two bedrooms, asking $849K. Too low end for Bethenny and Fredrik.

Bethenny and Fredrik, © Bravo

They look at another apartment with a full bathroom downstairs and a full bath upstairs by the bedrooms, which arrangement befuddles Bethenny. She says, “What is it, like I’m sautéing onions and douching at the same time?” Oh Bethenny, you’re so outrageous! That apartment is also a no, as it’s too expensive to make sense as a flip.

Slice of life segment for Fredrik. Fredrik meets up with husband Derek to buy clothes for their upcoming Africa trip.

Bethenny and Fredrik, © Bravo

Bethenny next to goes Ten Madison to check on tub options with the designers. She and they pick out a nice Kohler number for $1K.

But oh no! Cue a dramatic argument about Fredrik’s incessant traveling and not sending Bethenny enough listings! They then try to talk it out on a street corner, but cannot. The episode ends with them walk away from one another. CAN THE PARTNERSHOP SURVIVE??

Tune in next week to find out!