A Bridgehampton Queen Anne on 2.64 Acres


There’s pretty much unlimited scope with this property, which consists of a nice big parcel south of the highway, with a historic =home and a legal guest cottage. You could move the main house, which was originally built for Samuel Osborn Hedges circa 1900, over a bit, add a new driveway, demolish the guest cottage, and build another house in the back.

A nice thing about this house is that view from the front door is of the historic Beebe windmill.  Between the main house, which needs updating, and the 2-bedroom cottage, the total space is 5400 square feet with 7 bedrooms and 3 baths.

But the absolute best thing about the property, repped by Jane Peterson and Lewis Apito at Corcoran, is the price. $5.6 million, which is down from the original ask of $9.8 million in January 2016.

For more, click here. 116 Ocean Road, Bridgehampton