Douglas Elliman Honors 2021’s Top Performers in the Hamptons

Douglas Elliman, Hamptons
Some of the top performers for 2021. Clockwise, The Braun/Rosko Team, Angelica Cocha, Michaela Keszler, Enzo Morabito, The Atlantic Team and Martha Gundersen.
Courtesy of Douglas Elliman Realty

Douglas Elliman Realty, one of the largest independent residential real estate brokerages in the country, recognized Hamptons agents who were top-performers in 2021 during the firm’s annual Ellie Awards.

“We are enormously proud of our unflagging agents and teams who contributed to the enormous success we achieved in 2021,” said Howard M. Lorber, executive chairman of Douglas Elliman Realty in a statement. “It is because of their dedication and hard work that we were able to shatter our sales record with more than $51 billion in sales volume. A monumental year by any measurement.”

Out east, Elliman set what it said was a new benchmark with $3.2 billion in closed sales volume last year — an increase of 15% over 2020. Elliman agents closed on 1,372 units in the region and increased the average sales price by 17% over the previous year.

The 2022 Ellie Awards were given in several categories; gross commission income (GCI), total volume, and the number of transactions in 2021. Enzo Morabito, one of Douglas Elliman’s top-ranked producers for more than 20 years, left with the trifecta of number one in all three categories this year.

Michaela Keszler, left, earned the most gross commission income in 2021, while The Enzo Morabito Team, led by Enzo Morabito, right, earned the rank for the team with the biggest GCI.

Elliman Hamptons Agents With the GCI

In the Hamptons, the Top Individual prize based on gross commission income (GCI) was awarded to Michaela Keszler from the Southampton office. It is the third year in a row that Keszler earned this rank.

Additional individuals recognized by GCI were, in order, Erica Grossman, Martha Gundersen, Paul Brennan, Thomas Cavallo,  Dawn Neway, Maryanne Horwath, Patrick McLaughlin, Lynda Packard, Richard Doyle, Catherine Juracich, Marc (Aaron) Curti, Lauren Spiegel, Brenda Giufurta, Susan Ceslow, Paulina Keszler, William Wolff, Toni Asch, Brian Hagadorn and Robert Landsiedel.

The Hamptons award for Top Team by GCI went to The Enzo Morabito Team of the Westhampton Beach and Sag Harbor. Other Top 10 Teams by GCI in the Hamptons included The Atlantic Team, Alexander Team and The Braun/Rosko Team, which tied for third, The Terry Thompson Team, The Raphael Avigdor Team, The Michael Lorber Team, Aarons Goodstein Team, The Tunick Team, Team Michael Daly and The Porto Francavilla Team.

Erica Grossman, right, earned the top award given for sales volume, as an individual. Marcy Braun and Kyle Rosko of The Braun/Rosko Team were among the teams that won the award.

Hamptons Awards by Volume

The Top Individual Agent in the Hamptons who did the most sales volume was Erica Grossman. She was followed by Michaela Keszler, Martha Gundersen, Paul Brennan, Thomas Cavallo, Catherine Juracich, Maryanne Horwath, Patrick McLaughlin, Richard Doyle, Dawn Neway, Lauren Spiegel, Lynda Packard, Marc (Aaron) Curti, Brenda Giufurta, William Wolff, Susan Ceslow, Paulina
Keszler, Toni Asch, Robert Landsiedel and Brian Hagadorn.

The Enzo Morabito Team again clinched the award for Top Team by Volume. Other winners included, in order, The Atlantic Team, Alexander Team, The Braun/Rosko Team, The Terry Thompson Team, Aarons Goodstein Team, Team Michael Daly, The Raphael Avigdor Team, The Michael Lorber Team and The Port Francavilla Team.

Angelica Cocha, left, won the top award for the number of transactions she did in 2021. The Atlantic Team, right, came in second for the team award in the same category.

Elliman Hamptons Awards by Transactions

The Enzo Morabito Team was also named the Top Performing Team by number of transactions for the Hamptons, followed by The Atlantic Team, The Terry Thompson Team, The Porto Francavilla Team and The Braun/Rosko Team.

Angelica Cocha, who works in the Hampton Bays office, received the Top Individual prize based on transactions. Other winners, in order, were Robert Landsiedel, Thomas Cavallo, Michaela Keszler, Thomas Cavallo and Martha Gundersen.The firm was responsible for approximately 59,550 sales and rental transactions nationwide.

Nikola Cejic was named rookie of the year.Courtesy of Douglas Elliman

More Awards for Hamptons Agents

The coveted Rookie of the Year award went to Nikola Cejic, a salesperson in the East Hampton office.

The prestigious Pinnacle Club Award-winners from the Hamptons, which is presented to agents and teams who made over $1 million in 2021, included The Alexander Team, The Aarons Goodstein Team, Toni Asch, The Atlantic Team, The Raphael Avigdor Team, The Braun/Rosko Team, Paul Brennan, Thomas Cavallo, Richard Doyle, Erica Grossman, Martha Gundersen, Maryanne Horwath, Catherine Juracich, Michaela Keszler, The Michael Lorber Team, Patrick McLaughlin, The Enzo Morabito Team, Dawn Neway, Lynda Packard, The Terry Thompson Team and The Tunick Team.

The National Award, presented to the top 25 individuals and teams (by size) based on GCI for the entire company nationwide, went to The Alexander Team, the number one large team, The Michael Lorber Team, which was the seventh large team, The Enzo Morabito Team, considered the eighth medium team, Michaela Keszler, the tenth individual, and Erica Grossman, the fourteenth individual.

New awards this year included The Billion Dollar Club, which went to The Alexander Team.

“Congratulations to our Hamptons agents on the outstanding results of their tireless efforts in 2021,” said Todd Bourgard, Douglas Elliman’s Senior Executive Regional Manager of Sales for the Hamptons. “After the extremely active market of 2020, and going into the year with very low inventory, no one could have anticipated the feverish pace to continue through much of the year, and our agents rose to the occasion. They pressed forward through the challenges, remained focused and driven, and set an astounding new milestone in sales volume. I am so proud of these accomplishments, and it is extraordinary to see the power of Elliman in full force.”

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