Flipping Out a Block from the Ocean in Ditch Plains

In March, this property came onto the market asking $1.399 million and was purchased almost immediately for $1.234 million. We didn’t think that was at all a bad price for 0.19 of an acre in Ditch, even though the 1969 cottage, with two bedrooms and one bath, looked pretty tired, as plans for a new house were included.

Before house, via Saunders

Well, now it’s back on the market, this time with Chris Coleman of Saunders, asking $1.45 million. Looks to us like the property’s been given some new doors, a new kitchen, new floors and a new bathroom for a quick profit.

After house, via Saunders

(Would it have killed someone to cover the circuit breaker box with a picture or something?)

The roof deck has been painted white too. We still think this probably is a decent value but we’d prefer to see the new house in the plans.

For more, see here. 29 Sanger Place, Montauk