The Hamptons’ New Most Expensive Listing: 14 Acres, $150 Million


Of course the 14 acres are on Meadow Lane; they comprise three four separate properties. All of them are or were owned by EDM king Robert FX Sillerman. Harald Grant at Sotheby’s has the listing.

All photos via Sotheby’s

One of them, 1116 Meadow Lane, with 3.66 acres of land, 200′ of oceanfront, and a 12,800 square foot house, was sold by Sillerman in 2014 within a month for $37.5 million. The other two lots (still owned by Sillerman) are 1100 Meadow Lane (next door to 1116), with 2.4 acres of land, and 1080 Meadow, next door to 1100, with a small house on it and 4.5 acres of land. The last property is 1099 Meadow, an empty bayfront lot across the street with 3.5 acres.

There are various structures on the land, but they’re teardowns. Nice features which might be kept include golf greens, some small cabana like structures near the ocean, and a tennis court.

As for the price, it’s probably about right. If you figure 3.66 acres is worth $37.5 million, then 14 acres works out to about $150 million. Granted, the bayfront lot is worth a lot less than the others, but at least it ensures that you won’t have any neighbors across the street.

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