Interior Designer Shares Home Trends for the New Year

Interiors by Just Design Courtesy of Robyn Baumgarten.

The times they are a-changin’ …

In this enlightening and informative interview with Robyn Baumgarten of Interiors by Just Design of Woodbury and Manhasset, the seasoned interior discusses changing trends for 2021 and shares her unique perspective on all things home design …’cause there’s no place like home.

Despite the pandemic, she continues to safely meet with clients and help them reimagine their spaces to fit their families’ changing lifestyles.

Can you give readers a glimpse into your recent design projects? A unique project, in Old Westbury, was designed around the visual idea of art and how it can impact overall design. Having a bold, one-of-a-kind art piece as the focal point lays the groundwork from which the remainder of the design follows. Adding artwork is one of the most versatile and crucial design elements; without it, a space will seem empty and lifeless. My secret? I use proper scale within the space and select works that my clients truly love.

In a more challenging project, in Old Brookville, custom mahogany wood panels were created and mounted on the existing stone fireplace, surrounded by beige limestone. The impact of the reveal was dramatic, showcasing a more contemporary, updated home.

What do you foresee as trends for 2021? Can we expect a natural aesthetic and a rise in minimalism, or perhaps, the opposite? I predict there will be an abundance of nature-inspired hues with a sense of calm. There has been more of a demand for warmer-toned palettes and rich accent colors, further noted with the important colors of the year: Sherwin-Williams’ Urban Bronze and Benjamin Moore’s Aegean Teal.

Minimalism has been trending as clients prefer a sleeker look in bold monochromatic such as cobalt blue, Kelly green, and even black painted doors and molding, while the whites, grays, and taupes are becoming dated. Oversized hardware pulls and integrated hardware in kitchen design are not only user-friendly but add to the minimalistic feel of a space.

Geometric prints are out, replaced with more feminine, organic florals. Clients are looking for an ease in their day-to-day life and prefer more environmentally friendly design solutions, like updated fireplaces, which are easy to install, while giving the same beautiful warmth to a finished space.

As the home takes front and center, which trends have evolved? People have been starting a lot of new projects; they look around and see that their design aesthetic has gotten stale! The most popular trends: creating/updating a comfortable, inspiring, functional home office, and enjoying great outdoor spaces. Homeowners are revamping patios with fire pits, pergolas, etc. Indoor/outdoor performance fabrics have also become popular.

Will classic, traditional style continue to be a favorite? Talk about the resurgence of 1980s home décor. Traditional will always be timeless but we are seeing a trend toward eclectic style, i.e., mixing a few styles in a cohesive way. 1980s home décor has elements that are timeless (bold pops of color), and still readily available and sourced today: Lucite furniture frames, brass accents. When these pieces are added, paired with more contemporary designs, they create a fresh new look.

How do you balance form and function? The most important design aspect is the function of a space. Everything else will develop from there in a logical sequence, creating form and beauty. Tip: Adding a round area rug that plays off a curvilinear window, along with a round sofa and a piano, creates a consistency of form throughout.

Details like throw pillows, artwork, and decorative accessories only exist to tie a space together visually and to create ambiance. The space planning, furniture selection, and window treatments, must function properly while looking beautiful.

What are your clients asking for these days? Regardless of age, all my clients are looking for the same thing – a design that is timeless. Millennials are looking for a more simplistic, low-maintenance design, which is why I often suggest upholstering furniture in performance fabrics, such as Crypton Home; Kravet Inc. offers a wide variety, including Crypton, KravetArmor, and more.

Any advice for creating a home you love? Consider hiring a professional to guide you through the process. There are so many options available in today’s market that it can be overwhelming without proper education and knowledge. Interior designers also have access to quality brands and manufacturers that cannot be sourced by the general public. Having a long, working relationship with these vendors ensures reliability and quality of product.

Designers help clients visualize a finished space by providing floor plans and mood boards, while working within the parameters of their client’s budget. A referral from a happy client is one of the best leads in generating business for many designers, and I am always thrilled to share these experiences with potential clients.

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