All the Home’s a Canvas for Badilla Painters

Joe Badilla
Joe Badilla, the president of Badilla Painters, started his company 30 years ago.
Barbara Lassen

If feeling at home for you means being surrounded in a space that is airy with unobstructed views and a subtle color palette, you probably embrace a Spartan style in your interior design.

It is popular as of late with Hamptons and Manhattan clientele, according to Joe Badilla, founder of the Bridgehampton-based Badilla Painters, Inc. Minimalist is in vogue with designers and for painting and finishing styles, but these ideas are ever-evolving and Badilla is keenly aware of the changes you learn in a conversation.

“Our job is to have a very keen eye for that,” he says.

Badilla places a high priority on investing money in research into design trends and breakthroughs in finishing technology at his 30-year-old firm.

The company is dedicated to professionalism, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, with master craftsman techniques in painting and custom refinishing in anticipation of meeting or exceeding clients’ expectations.

Badilla came to the United States from Costa Rica in the early 1980s. He had an interest in paints and finishes and used the talent to start his own company in 1988. His eye for aesthetics and skill in communications helped him develop a reputation as someone who is able to listen to what his customers desire and execute these expertly. “Badilla Painters, Inc. was started with a paintbrush and a commitment to creating high-quality finishes at a fair price,” he says. “Keeping that commitment, the company has grown to be a resource for designers, homeowners and builders alike.”

The company’s trademark is to provide the highest quality custom finishes, exterior and interior.

Joe Badilla oversees a job in Bridgehampton.Barbara Lassen

“Badilla Painters understands the importance of investment and how competitive the marketplace is,” he says. “Keeping this in mind at all times, quality is not sacrificed. With the ability to manage multiple projects with the attention and staff they require, we maintain the highest standards and value we are known for.”

Constant growth in all areas of the firm from its staff to product development helped Badilla make his company a success.

“Being creative and thinking outside the box have always been our strengths, which lead us to invest in new products and services. For example, just this past year we added three new divisions to our portfolio,” he continues.

Badilla helps his clients reimagine their homes in many ways. An example is his approach to kitchen renovations. Badilla Painters can refinish kitchen cabinets on-site with the use of ultraviolet light technology. This cutting-edge curing technique dries paint instantly and with increased durability.

During the pandemic, he was able to dedicate time to expand the company’s kitchen cabinet refinishing division.

“I can’t tell you how easy it is to totally transform an old tired kitchen into a fabulous gathering place in your home by refinishing your kitchen cabinets with new trendy colors and hardware,” he says.

Joe Badilla, center, and his team at Badilla Painters at his Bridgehampton office.Barbara Lassen

Another unique service is custom chrome finishing, which can turn plastic, glass and some other types of furniture and accent pieces into “a major wow factor” using chemical effects, he explains.

“We chrome the surface, making the base look like a mirror,” he says. “Then, through a combination of colors, we can create a bronze, gold, rose gold or chrome finish. It’s a great tool for interior designers. If we can paint it, we can chrome it.”

Looking back over the past year in COVID-19, Badilla believes his company’s history helped sustain it.

“Our long trajectory in the market gives us the courage we needed to tackle new challenges,” he says. “Last year, we pivoted as New York City [residents] came to the Hamptons to live permanently. We had to change our business dynamic and adapt to new trends to accommodate our clients to make them feel safe while continuing to work in their homes.”

Asked about some large projects Badilla Painters completed, he recalled a high-profile oceanfront property in Sagaponack for which the firm was awarded the painting finishes contract by a major construction company in the Hamptons.

“There was a very short window from start to finish to get the project completed. The entire construction was done under a bubble tent, the only one of its kind,” Badilla recounts. “The Hamptons is a small area, and all high-end builders and designers know who’s who in the high-end painting and finishing industry.”

This article appeared as the cover story for the April 2021 issue of Behind The Hedges.