It’s a Mod, Mod, Mod, Modular World in Hamptons Homebuilding


With soaring costs for labor and lengthy wait times required for traditional site-built or stick-built houses on the East End, modular homes are becoming more and more popular. Built in a factory and then put together on site, these houses are anything but standard, with custom designs tailored to the new owner’s taste. To find out more, we chatted with Barry Altman, president of Custom Modular Homes of Long Island, who’s been in the modular industry for 30 years. They are the largest custom modular homebuilders on Long Island and are based in Southampton.

All photos courtesy Custom Modular Homes of Long Island

What are the benefits of owning a modular home?

Modular homes are built like cars on a production line. Each step is inspected for quality controls before the next step begins. They are constructed indoors, with no weather delays, and have to be strong enough to travel hundreds of miles to your home site. Think of it this way: outdoors your home is built by 4 or 5 workers and takes a year to 2 years until completion. Modular homes are constructed by hundreds of craftsmen in 10 days to two weeks. Depending on the size and complexity of the home, the finishing details can take from 6 to 9 months.

Why are modular homes less expensive?

Due to the escalating prices of local construction costs here on the East End of Long Island, modular construction saves homeowners approximately 20% in cost. It also saves months in the construction period versus conventional site built construction. This comparative is based upon using the identical materials throughout the home.

Are modular homes less safe than stick-built homes?

All homes, whether built on site or built in a factory controlled environment, are constructed based upon the standards and codes mandated by the State of New York and the local municipalities.

Are modular homes financed differently?

Construction funding sources and costs are the same for site-built and modular homes. One benefit of modular construction is that your home will be ready for you to occupy and enjoy in a shorter period of time. In our summer oriented location, getting in your home on time is critical.

How do I choose a modular home builder?

All decisions on who you choose to build your home should be based upon their knowledge, experience and fair pricing. The largest and most experienced modular home builder in our area is my company, Custom Modular Homes of Long Island, located in Southampton.

What styles of modular homes are popular in the Hamptons?

Modular homes are everywhere in the Hamptons: from Eastport to Orient and Montauk and everywhere in between. As each home is custom built to the buyer’s requirements, the style is determined by buyer’s preferences. Moderns, postmoderns, and traditionals are all popular in our market area.