Mall King Morton Olshan Buys in East Hampton for $30 Million


Remember Mort and Carole Olshan? Sure you do. They live right next door to the Maidstone Club on Further Lane and have been fighting with it (via lawsuits, of course) regarding its new irrigation system. Now he has purchased the Breen property on Middle Lane for about $30 million.

Rumor has it that the property is for his daughter, Andrea Olshan Odell, who used to live on Apaquogue and Jones (the former house of Carl Tiedemann who passed away).  Odell’s father, a NYC eye doctor, has had a home in Georgica for many years. Odell’s brother also has a place in Georgica. Keeping the family south of the highway!

The Middle Lane property is spectacular, of course, an old-school East Hampton summer house designed in 1931 by Aymar Embury II. The house, with 8,268 square feet, boasts six bedrooms, five full and three half bathrooms. Outside, there’s 5.5 acres of land with a pool, specimen trees, an active pond, and lovely rolling green lawns.  The exterior of this trophy home has a gorgeous pool, an active pond, acres of sprawling lawn. And of course, the property is a skip and a jump away from the Olshan seniors. Great buy.

For more, click here. 32 Middle Lane, East Hampton