Fall in Love With This Quirky Greenport Bayside Cottage


If you don’t instantly adore this Greenport house with its pinnacle roofed towers, there’s cobwebs in your soul. (There’s probably cobwebs in the attic, too, but never mind.)

All photos via Corcoran

The William H. Joost House, known as Rosemary, was the summer residence of insurance executive William H. Joost and his wife, who lived on Dean Street in Brooklyn. They first came to Southold in 1895 when they purchased the S.B. Terry property. In 1899 they sold most of that property to the Bliss family, keeping a small portion with a cottage for themselves. The cottage was greatly enlarged and renovated in 1908, when the two towers were added. Originally located on Maple Lane, the home was moved by barge in 1926 to its present location in Greenport.

Yep, the house, at just 1600 square feet, is pretty small by today’s standards, and it definitely needs work. There are three bedrooms and two baths. (We’d keep the lavender bathroom with the swan faucets, though, because it’s hilarious.)

Of course there are beautiful views everywhere: the 0.36-acre plot includes 100′ of waterfront. There’s an outdoor shower and a detached garage that is too funky for words.

Asking price for all this is $1.5 million. Whether or not that’s reasonable for the property, represented by Susan Sutton at Corcoran, we can’t say, not knowing how much work it requires. However, we do think that North Fork properties are only going up in price, and a lovable waterfront cottage like this must be a good investment.

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