Roundtable: How Real Estate Agents Spend Summer in the Hamptons

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Douglas Elliman’s Kyle Rosko catches a wave.
Andrew Pilaro

The Hamptons and the North Fork have a lot to offer, from the real estate market to activities. We were curious: when they have time, what do some of the East End’s top agents do for fun? Whether it’s outdoors or inside, everyone can use a hobby or a way to decompress — especially after these past two years when the real estate market kept everyone busier than usual. Tell us about your favorite pastime or a newfound way to spend your downtime.


Real Estate, Hamptons, summer, Mala Sander
Mala Sander

Mala Sander, The Corcoran Group

“Seventy percent of the world is water! And the Hamptons are no exception, where anything and everything that’s on or near water makes for excellent downtime. From fishing to clamming, beach days to beach parties, paddle boarding to yachting — I enjoy spending time on our beautiful coastline. My favorite way to relax is to cruise the waters in and around the Hamptons. I also love to enjoy the bounty of the sea, whether it’s at one of the many waterfront restaurant spots, or by making my own seafood fest at home.”




Real Estate Roundtable, Hamptons, Hobbies, Douglas Sabo

Douglas Sabo, Nest Seekers International

“I am a big outdoors person and use that to decompress and regroup. I am so lucky that I grew up on the East End where I had immediate access to the beach. I was able to grow up on the water fishing with my dad and getting a chance to get to the beach with friends. During the early days of the pandemic, I also was able to explore the hiking trails from Hampton Bays to Montauk as well as get a chance to camp at Cedar Point Park. Anytime I can get away from work and be on the water or in nature I take that opportunity.”



Real Estate Roundtable, Hamptons, Hobbies, Kyle Rosko
Kyle RoskoAndrew Pilaro

Kyle Rosko, Douglas Elliman

“In my downtime, I’m on my surfboard, trying to find the best wave possible with a few of my friends. I’ve been surfing for over 30 years and find so much peace and serenity on the water. A beautiful sunrise surf session is my favorite way to clear my head, and start a new day feeling refreshed, excited, and grateful. I’m fortunate to live near so many amazing surf spots here in the Hamptons and my boards are usually on top of my car, so that if I have a quick hour between showings, or when the opportunity to catch a few waves presents itself, I’m ready to jump in and take it.”



Real Estate Roundtable, Hamptons, Hobbies, Robert M. Lohman
Robert M. Lohman

Robert M. Lohman, Brown Harris Stevens

Real estate can be an all-consuming profession, but it is important to take the time to enjoy other interests. I like to cook for my friends, taking advantage of the great local produce and niche market grocery shopping on the East End. In the fall and winter, I work more on my paintings. I have been lucky enough to have my work featured in local galleries. When the weather turns towards spring and summer, I concentrate more on my gardens, set around my historic home in Southampton Village. Photography and seeing artwork by others are year-round interests.



Real Estate Roundtable, Hamptons, Hobbies, Randi Ball
Randi Ball

Randi Ball, The Corcoran Group

“The summer can be a really hectic time for me, as I’m so busy with real estate and my teenagers – not to mention all the added stresses related to the pandemic. But “all work and no play” is not the way to live the Hamptons life. To work out and clear my head, I go to Align Yoga in Amagansett or spin at Soul Cycle in East Hampton. I’ve learned that exercise is a great way to release stress. I also love entertaining at home, and connecting with friends and family is important to me. To blow off steam I put on a party dress, go to friends for dinner, and play hard! One or two nights a week my husband and I will grab some alone-time and go to Duryea’s in Montauk, Bostwick’s in East Hampton, or The Beacon in Sag Harbor. I love exploring our local food scene. There are so many gems and not enough time to try them all!”



Real Estate Roundtable, Hamptons, Hobbies, Zack Dayton
Zack DaytonJustin Burkle @41degreesnorth

Zack Dayton, Sotheby’s International Realty

“When I am not in the office or out on appointments, there is a good chance you will find me surfing at Georgica Beach. As a lifelong East Hampton resident, I have always had an affinity for the ocean, and it was only natural that surfing became my favorite pastime. Time spent in the water catching waves continues to keep me centered, balanced, and appreciative of the natural beauty of the Hamptons. Nowadays, it’s great to surf with friends, family, many of my clients, and also meet new people in the water.”




Real Estate Roundtable, Hamptons, Hobbies, David Cox
Gerry Schwenk

David Cox, Compass

“The pandemic has allowed me to reset and invest more time in my spiritual well-being. I prioritize starting the day with a daily practice that allows me to handle whatever life throws me without losing my composure. I wake up every day when the sun comes up, and I go on my boat and enjoy the sunrise with coffee in hand and my dog by my side. I do a guided meditation or listen to music and set an intention for the day. There is such comfort in finding this quiet time. It is often the highlight of my day. I am at my desk by 6 a.m., before anyone else awakens. Everyday work life and interactions with people with various energies can be all-consuming. I am at my best when I invest time in calming my mind. Best of all, it means that I won’t lose my temper when someone tries to cut in front of me at the supermarket — let ‘em go!”

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