Rent ‘Realtor to the Stars’ Tina Fredericks’ Home on Georgica Pond


Legendary Hamptons agent Tina Fredericks, who died two years ago at the age of 93, called herself the Realtor to the Stars. But it was basically true, after 45 years in the business. She sold Ron Perelman the Creeks; she sold Andy Warhol Eothen (as an art director for Glamour magazine, she gave Andy Warhol his first job, drawing shoes). She developed Dune Alpin from a dairy farm. There wasn’t anything she didn’t know about Hamptons real estate.

Photos via Sotheby’s

But when she wanted to build her own home, on 2.3 acres on Georgica Pond, she was flummoxed. She spent years searching for the right architect to build her dream house. Finally she found Sagaponack architect Kenton van Boer, who designed a house on many levels, in order to catch the best views. And taking design inspiration from McKim, Mead and White’s Narragansett Towers and Casino, van Boer cut out a basket arch in the center of the house, to avoid its being a giant hulking building and to frame the view to the pond, just as the Towers frame the ocean.

Narragansett Towers and Casino, 1883

Interested in renting the place this summer? Listed by Kathy Konzet at Sotheby’s, the property is asking $300,000 for MD-LD. The 4500 square foot house includes five bedrooms, 6.5 baths, and of course a private path to Georgica Pond.

For more information, go here132 Briar Patch Road, East Hampton