Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road Beauty Opens in East Hampton

Jones Road Beauty, Bobbi Brown
Jones Road Beauty, created by Bobbi Brown, is opening at 55 Main Street in East Hampton.
Jones Road Beauty

Makeup legend Bobbi Brown’s Jones Road Beauty opens its new East Hampton store on Wednesday, May 17.

The new store, located at 55 Main Street, is the first on Long Island for the brand though Brown has long had a home in the Hamptons.

“I love to work where I live and really love living in Sag Harbor. It’s so relaxed,” Brown tells Behind The Hedges.

In fact, her new company’s name comes right from East Hampton.

“We had worked with some copywriters and were racking our brains on the name for weeks and nothing was sticking,” Brown remembers.

“Then one day, my husband and I were driving to the Hamptons and I was navigating. I looked down and there it was on the Waze navigation app: Jones Road. I immediately loved the name and so did my husband and the team. We checked to see if it was available and it was, so the brand became Jones Road. I’m also obsessed with all things British so I liked that it sounds like a bespoke UK brand.”

Jones Road Beauty, Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown is the founder of Jones Road BeautyAmy Lombardi

Jones Road was created with the philosophy that the world doesn’t need more beauty products but instead needs better beauty products. The clean, high-grade formulations are meant to work with every skin type and tone and are simple to use.

“I’m a makeup artist and I love formulating and creating new products,” explains Brown, who left her well-known namesake company in 2016 (Estée Lauder bought the company in 1995 and Brown stayed on with the company for nearly two decades. She is no longer affiliated or associated with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics or Bobbi Brown branded products).

“When I started working on Jones Road, I was thinking about what I wanted and what I know other women wanted because they were asking me on my social media channels. I was focused on creating a clean beauty brand that over-delivered on my expectations and Jones Road is it: an edited indispensable collection of clean, high-grade formulations designed for all ages, skin types and skin tones.”

Jones Road launched in 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic as a direct-to-consumer cosmetics line. The flagship store opened in Montclair, New Jersey, where Brown and her husband also reside, in 2021 and there is also a store in Greenwich Village in Manhattan.

Jones Road Beauty, Bobbi Brown
The Jones Road face pencilsJones Road Beauty

“When someone is wearing Jones Road, I want them to feel like themselves on their best day. The most powerful beauty product is self-confidence. I want our customers to feel good in their own skin, with just the right amount of makeup,” Brown says.

Brown says she set out to create the makeup equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife, “products that were clean, easy to use and multi-purpose that worked for any skin type or skin tone.” Many of the products fit that description, but her favorite is the Miracle Balm, “a one-of-a-kind game-changing product.” It’s now available in nine shades.

The Jones Road multi-purpose balm perfects and enhances skin for an all-over glow.

“On my social channels, I do a lot of educational content about Miracle Balm to show consumers how to use it. You use your fingers to press into the balm, breaking the seal so all the emollients mix into the formula. Then, you just rub your fingers together and pat the Miracle Balm onto your cheeks and/or lips (for a subtle glow and to add luminosity). It makes you instantly look better,” she says.

“The Jones Road aesthetic — cool, clean beauty — aligns perfectly with the Hamptons vibe,” Brown says. “It’s hard to find the perfect space so when we saw this location open up, we jumped on it. We love the neighborhood, it’s one of my favorite alleyways. We’re so looking forward to opening our doors.”

Several launches are planned this month. Jones Road recently released a lab sample of its first fragrance called “Shower” and it sold out within 48 hours – not to worry, though, Brown says it will be back on the shelves this fall. Jones Road is also introducing a collection of tinted powders later this month, just in time for the summer. 

For Memorial Day weekend, the brand is releasing a limited-edition set of mini Miracle Balms “that I think will be gone in days,” Brown says. “We are so excited to launch a new bronzer this June.”

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